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Augments news sites to show all sides of the story

News360 Periscope augments news sites around the web with a small toolbar that gives you all the other perspectives on the story you’re reading, shows you fresh related videos, photos and tweets, and gives background information on all the people, companies and locations mentioned in the story.Just visit an article on a major news site, and Periscope will pop up a toolbar at the top of the page with quick links to other sources covering the same story. Expand the toolbar by clicking on the arrow on it’s right side, and it will show an more detailed view, that will give you photos and videos on the story from more than 10,000 sources News360 aggregates, and a real-time stream of tweets pertaining to the story to show people’s reactions and up-to-the-second updates.Using News360 Periscope, you can also share stories to Facebook or Twitter by clicking the share button next to the title in the toolbar, or save them to you News360 account (if you have one) by clicking the + icon, and read them later in the News360 app on your mobile device of your choosing. Learn more about News360, the next generation news reader, and download it for your phone or tablet:

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Here is the News360 Periscope Addon Download for Mozilla Firefox web browser

News360 Periscope Mozilla Addon Download

News360 Periscope- , Mozilla Addon download
News360 Periscope- , Mozilla Addon download

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