Plain Text Linker Mozilla Addon

Plain Text Linker Mozilla Firefox Addon Download

Plain Text Linker Download for Mozilla

Plain Text Linker overview

Plain Text Linker Mozilla Addon is used to Opens plain text URLs when you double-click on them..

opens plain text urls when you double-click on them..

Available for Chrome too.

When you double-click on a piece of plain text, plain text linker tries to determine if what you clicked could be a URL and tries to open it. Try it!

Usage notes

  • there's an option to require shift-doubleclick for a link to be opened, so you can still doubleclick URLs without anything happening
  • you can choose if links should open in the foreground or background by default, and holding the Ctrl key will invert this behavior

The Options screen will automatically open after add-on updates if they force a change to any of your settings.

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Plain Text Linker Mozilla Addon download

Plain Text Linker Perssions

To Download Plain Text Linker for Firefox browser, below are the permissions are used by this Firefox Plugin.

  1. display notifications to you

  2. Access your data for all web sites

Download Plain Text Linker Mozilla Addon

Here is the Plain Text Linker Addon Download for Mozilla Firefox. you can directly install the plugin from the Mozilla Firefox Addons directory.

Plain Text Linker Mozilla Addon Download

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