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Screen Recorder Mozilla addon overview

Screen Recorder Mozilla Addon is used to Record your computer's screen with just one click!.

Record your computer's screen with just one click!.

Screen Recorder addon helps you record video from the computer's screen.

To work with this addon, please click on the toolbar button. Once the recorder interface appears, please adjust desired options, and then click the - Start - button. The video source could be your screen, window, or tab. The audio source can be the system's audio, microphone, mixed, or no audio at all. When you click the start button, a popup will appear within the interface. This popup window allows you to select the desired screen, tab, or window. To start recording please click on the - Share - button. When you are done recording the screen, please press the toolbar button (or the stop button on the app interface) to stop the recording process. The recorded video will be download to your computer automatically (on the default download location).

By default, recorded media is in - webm - format. To get more information about webm video format, please visit this Wikipedia page ( If you want to change this format to a different one, please use a different software.

Note: currently in Firefox, recording the audio is not supported. "navigator.mediaDevices.getDisplayMedia" API, does not have audio capabilities. In the future, if this capability is added to the API, it will be included in the addon automatically.

To report bugs, please fill the bug report form on the addon's homepage.

Screen Recorder Permissions

To Download Screen Recorder for Firefox browser, below are the permissions are used by this Firefox Plugin.

  1. download files and read and modify the browser’s download history

  2. store unlimited amount of client-side data

Download Screen Recorder Mozilla Addon

Here is the Screen Recorder Addon Download for Mozilla Firefox. you can directly install the plugin from the Mozilla Firefox Addons directory.

Screen Recorder Mozilla Addon Download

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