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Advanced Search overview

Advanced Search Mozilla Addon is used to

Extend Firefox's search engines for searching web sites and file formats.

Extend Firefox's search bar with advanced search functions of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Startpage.=========================================================NEW NEW NEW=========================================================
  • New search engine Google Encrypted
  • New option use always .com (alias No Country Redirect (NCR))
  • New shortcuts
  • Full list of changes: release notes
Main features Version 1.7:
  • Extends search functions of Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Qwant, Ixquick, Startpage and Ask(if the corresponding search engine installed)
  • Selection between web site search or internet search.
  • Restrict your search for e. g. images, videos, documents or addresses (if the search engine support it).
  • Search for highlighted text.
  • Reusing of opened tabs (Useful for Firefox 3).
  • Use of HTTPS for Google SSL, DuckDuckGo, Qwant, Ixquick and Startpage for increased security.
  • Enable-/disable search types.
  • Support of Firefox Sync for Settings (BETA).
Installation:Download and install this Add-On. The new functions will be available after restarting Firefox.Please read following notes and frequently asked questions.Notes:The use of https can increase security, but it can also slow down the loading of the result page.Use of shortcuts
  • Control + K (Firefox specific!):
If searchbox focused:
  • F4: opens search engine menu (Firefox specific!)
  • F7: opens search mode menu
  • F8: opens file type menu (if filetypes supported)
  • F5 and F6 are already in use by Firefox.
On Webpage
  • ALT + Shift+ W => search with current engine in internet
  • ALT + Shift + S => search with current engine current website
  • ALT + Shift+ U => search with current engine in URLs
  • ALT + Shift + I => search with current engine for images
  • ALT + Shift + M => search with current engine for addresses on maps
In new Options for Firefox 43+
  • ALT + a => Activate all
  • ALT + o => OK
  • CTRL + Enter or CMD + Enter => OK
  • Space or Enter => De- / Select Type
This Add-On is incompatible with other searchbar extendable Add-Ons!!==================================================================Known Issues==================================================================Enabling and disabling of file types in 1.7.2 is broken and will return in 1.7.3.Compatibility problems with Firefox 43+ are resolved with version 1.7.3.Compatibility problems with Firefox 23+ are resolved with version 1.0.1.To report any compatiblity problems please use Add-on Compatibility Reporter.==================================================================FAQs==================================================================Q: How can I enable advanced search functions for e. g. “Ask”?A: Add the corresponding search engine to Firefox. The new functions will immediately be available without restarting Firefox. Following list contains compatible search engines:Q: I am using a search engine called “Google Scholar”. Is this engine compatible with this Add-On?A: No. To prevent overlaying other search engines, only following search engines with exactly following names are compatible:“Google” or “Google (SSL)”, “Yahoo”, “Ixquick” or “Ixquick HTTPS”, “Bing” and “Ask” WITHOUT furthermore additions.Other search engines like “Amazon” will not be affected.Q: I want to search for word-documents with „Bing“. Is it possible?A: No. Not every search engine supports the same search functions. Following lists shows the compatibility between search engine and search functions:Documents like Word or PDF:- Google , Yahoo and StartpageVideos and images:- Google, Yahoo, Ixquick (ony internet search), Startpage, Bing, Qwant and Ask Maps (only internet search):- Google, Yahoo, Bing and DuckDuckGo (thrugh Bang-command)Q: I have installed an older version (“Search this site”). What are the differences between the older and newer versions?A: The current version integrates into Firefox’s search bar. The separate search bar and some user-preferences like shortcuts have been removed. These changes will automatically install after update.Q: I can’t see some images for file types.A: This Add-On uses icons of corresponding programs for files with one of the following extensions: html, .pdf, .txt, .avi und .jpeg. If you cannot see e. g. the PDFicon you have to install a PDF-Reader.Q: How to use Ixquick / Startpage with search suggestions?A: Go to Ixquick mainpage. In the right coner select 'Settings'. On the left side under 'GET MORE IXQUICK' click on 'Add Ixquick to your Browser'. Choose a language and click on 'install' behind 'HTTPS' (for more security) or 'HTTP' (faster, but less secure).Same steps for Startpage.Q: Why does DuckDuckGo support Maps and HTML?A: DuckDuckGo supports many commands called 'Bangs' ( It uses these commands to use other services. Maps will be supported by Open Street Map (OSM) and HTML on World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) wiki What's the difference between setting'Avoid country redirect' and 'Force using .com'?A: 'Avoid country redirect' uses preferred language (Settings -> Content -> Languages) to choose domain to use for search engine and prevents for redirecting to another domain. For example spansih is preferred language the search engine uses .es as domain. So, it is a simple mapping between language and domain.'Force using .com' ignores preferred language and uses .com without redirecting.Currently only Google is supported. Google encrypted does not support other domains.Q: What about roadmap and bugfixing?A: 'Advanced search' will be developed in leisure time. New features and patches will be published in sporadical interval.Evaluation of possibility:- Support of MetaGer- Migration to new Add-On APIDropping support of old Firefox VersionsUpcoming version 1.7.5 is like 1.7.4 but without support of Firefox 3.x till 30. This is prepration to moving Add-On to new base for new API.

Download Advanced Search Mozilla Addon

Here is the Advanced Search Addon Download for Mozilla Firefox web browser

Advanced Search Mozilla Addon Download

Advanced Search- Extended searchbar since Firefox 34., Mozilla Addon download
Extended searchbar since Firefox 34.
Advanced Search- New options for types for Firefox 43+., Mozilla Addon download
New options for types for Firefox 43+.
Advanced Search- Extended searchbar.
Second button: Search web site or Internet.
Third button: Restrict search to e. g. word documents.
Version 1.0 until Fireofx 42, Mozilla Addon download
Extended searchbar. Second button: Search web site or Internet. Third button: Restrict search to e. g. word documents. Version 1.0 until Fireofx 42
Advanced Search- Restricts search to documents, image and addresses.
Version 1.0 until Firefox 42, Mozilla Addon download
Restricts search to documents, image and addresses. Version 1.0 until Firefox 42

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