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Skynet Mozilla plugin

Skynet overview

Skynet Mozilla Addon is used to

The Addon OGame deserves

  • supports OGame version 6.1.5
  • all functions can be enabled individualy
  • enhanced espionage reports, display of transporters needed
  • Sorted presentation of espionage reports: Raidar
  • TrashSim combat simulation button
  • enhanced planet list
  • additional transport button
  • additional expedition button
  • resources overview on the overview page
  • enhanced event list
  • countdown for fleet recall
  • disable unnecessary research
  • Mark debris field
  • diverse layout changes
  • enhanced functionality for building ships, defence and solar sats
  • Display of energy needed and amount of solarsats
  • HTTPS Support
  • ...

Download Skynet Mozilla Addon

Here is the Skynet Addon Download for Mozilla Firefox web browser

Skynet Mozilla Addon Download

Skynet- , Mozilla Addon download
Skynet- , Mozilla Addon download

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