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Sticky Notes Mozilla Firefox Addon Download

Sticky Notes Download for Mozilla

Sticky Notes overview

Sticky Notes Mozilla Addon is used to Put sticky notes on the web page.Jump to sticky from sidebar.Share stickies between browsers. (need login to server).

put sticky notes on the web page.Jump to sticky from sidebar.Share stickies between browsers. (need login to server).

# Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes is a Firefox addon that enable Firefox to put sticky to web page.

Each sticky can have memo, and the size and position are changeable.

And sidebar displays the list of stickies, you can jump a selected sticky.

If you create account and login, you can sync stickies between multiple devices.
For iOS user, use StickyNotes iOS app
For Android user, use webexntesion for Firefox for android.

If you want to migrate data from legacy extension to latest webextension version,
Please check

## How to use

### Main functionality

・ Create a sticky
  ・context-menu -> "Generate Sticky" or Ctrl + Shift + C
・ Delete a sticky
  ・Click "x" on sticky
・Toggle Visible/Invisible
  ・context-menu -> "Display/Hide this sticky" or Ctrl + q
  ・Change the position of a sticky
・Drag the upper part of a sticky
・ Change the size of a sticky
  ・Drag the lower right a sticky
・Display sticky list on Sidebar
  ・icon-menu -> "Sticky List" or Ctrl + Shift + S

### sidebar (For android, new sticky-list tab)

・Sidebar displays stickies that are sorted by site name, or tag name, or tag name and site name.
・Jump to a sticky
  ・Double click the sticky
・Search stickies on Sidebar
・Select sidebar display option

### Tag
You can add tag to sticky with the upper textbox.
you can add multiple tags with "," separated characters.
In sidebar, stickies are gathered by tag.

### Sync

If you create account and login to backend server, you can sync stickies between multiple browser.

privacy policy

--------- previous legacy version feature --------

### Import/Export
you can import/export with json file.

  ・From icon-menu: icon-menu -> Export: Export all stickies as json file (ex: stickynotes_all.json)
  ・From sidebar: open sidebar-context-menu -> Export
    ・Export single sticky or multiple stickies which in selected item (ex: stickynotes_page_1.json)
  ・icon-menu -> Import -> select json file.

### Preference
you can cutomize shortcut and other settings fron icon-menu.

・whether or not confirm before delete

Sticky Notes Mozilla Addon download

Sticky Notes Perssions

To Download Sticky Notes for Firefox browser, below are the permissions are used by this Firefox Plugin.

  1. display notifications to you

  2. access browser tabs
  3. access browser activity during navigation
  4. Access your data for all web sites

Download Sticky Notes Mozilla Addon

Here is the Sticky Notes Addon Download for Mozilla Firefox. you can directly install the plugin from the Mozilla Firefox Addons directory.

Sticky Notes Mozilla Addon Download

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