StoragErazor for Firefox Download

StoragErazor Mozilla addon overview

StoragErazor Mozilla Addon is used to Enhance privacy by automatically deleting DOM storage/IndexedDB super-cookies.

Enhance privacy by automatically deleting dom storage/indexeddb super-cookies.

storagerazor automatically removes data stored in DOM Storage (local storage) and IndexedDB when the browser restarts. Some websites use these databases as super-cookies to track users.

There is also a browser action icon with a menu which lets you erase these databases manually.

The addon does not touch the indexeddb databases created by other addons, only those which were created by websites.

firefox 57 (57.0b3 or higher)is required for this addon to work.

If you don't use firefox 57 you can only delete indexeddb super-cookies manually from the storage/ folder inside your firefox profile folder.

StoragErazor Permissions

To Download StoragErazor for Firefox browser, below are the permissions are used by this Firefox Plugin.

  1. clear recent browsing history, cookies, and related data

  2. display notifications to you

Download StoragErazor Mozilla Addon

Here is the StoragErazor Addon Download for Mozilla Firefox. you can directly install the plugin from the Mozilla Firefox Addons directory.

StoragErazor Mozilla Addon Download

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