Ad Blocker Mozilla Addons

Total Ad Blocker plugins-361
7 Times Faster Mozilla Addon It's a fastest ad blocker. Its speed up your internet, sometimes in two times and more. By blocking ads, malware and tracking
Total Downloads: 107 Download Plugin
AD Blocker add-on Mozilla Addon Extension to block the ads.
Total Downloads: 1 Download Plugin
Ad Blocker for Facebook™ App Mozilla Addon Blocks video and image ads from the facebook app news feed. And it actually works
Total Downloads: 7 Download Plugin
Ad-BlockerPro Mozilla Addon Ad-Blocker Pro is the best ad blocker for your web browser. It can block tracking scripts, banners, annoying pop-up ads and much more.
Total Downloads: 4.2K Download Plugin
Ad-bricoBlocker Mozilla Addon Block ads and pop-ups
Total Downloads: 0 Download Plugin
Ad Limiter Mozilla Addon Search spam blocker. Tells you about the company behind each search result. Limits search ads to one ad per page. New! - now available on Android
Total Downloads: 52 Download Plugin
skipper Mozilla Addon Light youtube ad skipper.
Total Downloads: 5 Download Plugin
Ad Stop - Best Ad Blocker Mozilla Addon Adstop blocks media ads, video ads, popups, scam and malware sites.
Total Downloads: 127 Download Plugin
AdAnalyst Mozilla Addon A tool to help you understand how you are targeted by advertisers on Facebook
Total Downloads: 9 Download Plugin
Adblocker X Mozilla Addon WebExtension ready adblocker.
Total Downloads: 2.3K Download Plugin
AdBlock for Firefox Mozilla Addon The most popular ad blocker for Chrome and Safari, now available for Firefox! Block all advertisements on all web pages, even Facebook, Youtube, and Hulu. Browse faster, too! Most ads aren't even downloaded at all, saving you time and bandwidth.
Total Downloads: 1.1M Download Plugin
Adblock For Youtube Mozilla Addon Adblock For Youtube & Auto Ad Skip It is auto ad skip for youtube, ad blocker, hides ad banner in youtube home screen.
Total Downloads: 528 Download Plugin
Adblock Plus Mozilla Addon One of the most popular free ad blockers for Firefox. Block annoying ads on sites like Facebook, YouTube and all other websites.Adblock Plus blocks all annoying ads, and supports websites by not blocking unobtrusive ads by default (configurable).
Total Downloads: 4.9M Download Plugin
AdBlockify Mozilla Addon A basic ad blocker that does not take your information. It is very simple and safe to use.
Total Downloads: 1 Download Plugin
AdBlocker Complement Mozilla Addon Deshace bloque que evita el ad-blocker en varios periódicos digitales tales como ABC o El País. Es un complemento al Add-Blocker.
Total Downloads: 31 Download Plugin
Total Downloads: 51 Download Plugin
AdGuard AdBlocker Mozilla Addon Unmatched adblock extension against advertising and pop-ups. Blocks ads on Facebook, Youtube and all other websites.
Total Downloads: 844.2K Download Plugin
AdGuard VPN — Privacy & Security Mozilla Addon Makes the Internet open and your data safe. Topnotch VPN from the creators of famous ad blocker.
Total Downloads: 6.8K Download Plugin
Host AdBlocker Mozilla Addon An open-source DNS-based ad-blocker that operates based on host filtering to block ads, malware, phishing hostnames
Total Downloads: 62 Download Plugin
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