Best Addon Homepage Mozilla Addons Alternatives

Total Addon Homepage plugins-50
Dark Theme for YouTube™ Mozilla Addon A Dark and Smooth Theme for YouTube™.
Total Downloads: 3.8K Download Plugin
First Page Mozilla Addon

Loads a useful Homepage. Loading HomePage with usefull at new tab

Suppress Homepage Mozilla Addon

Tired of waiting for your homepage(s) to load when opening a new window? Then this extension is for you! ...

Reset Kiosk Mozilla Addon

Reset homepage view after period of inactivity, aka 'kiosk mode'. Options for forcing fullscreen mode and clearing recent browsing history, cookies and cache.

HTML5 Player for YouTubeâ„¢ Mozilla Addon

Play YouTubeâ„¢ Videos Only in HTML5 Player

New Tab Homepage Focus Mozilla Addon

Loads your homepage when you open a new tab and sets focus to the page instead of the url bar.
Based on New Tab Homepage by Ben Basson.
Read: About this Add-on section below for details.

Tab Memory Usage Mozilla Addon

Tab Memory Usage displays the amount of memory is used by each tab

NCUE Net Reminder Mozilla Addon

Data stream reminder in net of NCUE dormitory

Sidebar for Gmail™ Mozilla Addon Easy Access to Gmail (mobile view) via Sidebar UI
Total Downloads: 7 Download Plugin
Tab Effect Mozilla Addon

Add effects when current tab is changed...

New tab with homepage Mozilla Addon

This addons opens the homepage when opening a new tab, instead of an empty one. You still can open an empty page with ctrl+alt+M.

Yahoo Homepage Mozilla Addon

This extension automatically sets as your homepage and new tab page.

Metrifier Mozilla Addon

Metrifies a Homepage replacing all imperial units with metric ones (currently only Fahrenheit) by clicking on the M-Icon in the bottom toolbar. Strings can be added to the Fahrenheit regex with a rightclick.

My Homepage Mozilla Addon My Homepage is a very useful extension which loads your Home Page whenever you open a new tab.
Total Downloads: 2K Download Plugin
Youtube Uploads Only Mozilla Addon

A quick fix for youtube's new homepage layout.

FoxyPermissions Mozilla Addon

Easy access to Firefox about:permissions page

LastFM.Censor Mozilla Addon

Profanity censorship on Last.FM.

Facebook.Censor Mozilla Addon

Profanity censorship on Facebook.

MySpace.Censor Mozilla Addon

Profanity censorship on MySpace.

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