Best Bookmarks Mozilla Addons Alternatives

Total Bookmarks plugins-50
Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar Mozilla Addon

Make your bookmarks bar better. Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar can: hide bookmarks/folders name(dock like), multirow, autohide and many another features(more than 20).
Customize your bookmarks bar using one add-on.

Team Tag Bookmarks Mozilla Addon

Share bookmarks by file or web service, and browse them by tags

Atavi - bookmark manager Mozilla Addon

Visual bookmarks, bookmarks sync across various browsers and absolute safety for your bookmarks

Flat Bookmarks Mozilla Addon

Makes the Bookmarks and History Sidebars a flat list view, instead of the traditional tree view.

Compress Bookmarks Bar Mozilla Addon

Removes flexible spaces from the new Bookmarks Bar, saving space and bringing everything closer together.

More Bookmarks Toolbar Mozilla Addon

A second bookmarks toolbar with its own set of bookmarks.

DMOZ Bookmarks Mozilla Addon

Download any dmoz category to your browser bookmarks.

New Tab Bookmarks Mozilla Addon

New Tab Bookmarks is a simple Firefox extension that replaces the new tab page with the bookmarks panel.

Context Bookmarks Mozilla Addon

Adds bookmarks to context menu so you can access them by mouse right click. Bookmarks Synchronizer Mozilla Addon

Backup your bookmarks to

Visual bookmarks online Mozilla Addon

Instant loading site while opening a new tab. Your favorite sites are always handy. You can go to them with a single click.

P.S. When this add-on will be uninstalled, it resets all edited settings on the default settings.

Smart Bookmarks Bar Mozilla Addon

Note from Mozilla: This add-on has been discontinued. Try Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar instead.

Unsorted Bookmarks Folder Menu Mozilla Addon

Add Unsorted Bookmarks Folder to Bookmarks Menu

Bookmark Quick Mover Mozilla Addon

Quickly move bookmarks.

Add all bookmark folders into bookmarks context menu to make moving bookmarks easier.

Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar Mozilla Addon

Makes your Bookmarks Toolbar appear in multiple rows.

For Firefox 4 use: Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar Plus, available here:

Mojave Bookmarks for Firefox Mozilla Addon

Mojave is primarily a bookmarking tool. It helps you save, retrieve, and share bookmarks on your desktop browser. We utilize most of the real estate on your screen so you can see hundreds of links at a glance.

It makes managing your bookmarks easy

NotAwesome Mozilla Addon

Selectively hide bookmarks from AwesomeBar!

Morning Bookmarks Mozilla Addon

With this extension you can quickly move through the most used bookmarks. It is useful for all the sites you see every day, like newspapers or forums.

Thin Bookmarks Mozilla Addon

Provides you with the ability to customize the bookmarks bar, for example the height, if certain elements should be displayed or not and more.

Right-Aligned Bookmarks Bar Mozilla Addon

Allows you to move the Firefox bookmarks bar so it shares a line with other toolbars or tabs while staying right-aligned and without creating excessive amounts of empty space.

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