Change Language Mozilla Addons

Total Change Language plugins-41
Accept-Language per site Mozilla Addon Change Accept-Language for different sites
Total Downloads: 346 Download Plugin
Accept Language Switcher Mozilla Addon A webextension which allows to change the Accept-Language header. The purpose is to quickly change the header in order to test a website against multiple languages.
Total Downloads: 31 Download Plugin
aligner Mozilla Addon aligner allows you to change language direction on static or dynamic pagesregards , Mohamad Samardeh Haghighi Fard :)
Total Downloads: 1 Download Plugin
Alt Tong Mozilla Addon Promptly change 'Accept-Language' HTTP header to a configurable string.Inspired by Dan Callahan's "Quick Accept-Language Switcher".Managed by tabs context menu (its label) and extension options page.
Total Downloads: 1 Download Plugin
ArabicMsForms Mozilla Addon A cross-browser extension to change the display language of Microsoft Forms to Arabic!
Total Downloads: 1 Download Plugin
Better Cr Mozilla Addon Instead of having multiple seasons as DUBS, change audio language directly from the episode.
Total Downloads: 1 Download Plugin
BigRoc Naver Web Dictoinary Mozilla Addon The add-on tools from RocJohn, Help you to launch Naver Web Dictionary rapidly.
Total Downloads: 2 Download Plugin
BØF me Mozilla Addon Change Brøndby to BØF
Total Downloads: 3 Download Plugin
Crunchyroll With Better Seasons Mozilla Addon Instead of having multiple seasons as DUBS, change audio language directly from the episode.
Total Downloads: 180 Download Plugin
Destylize Mozilla Addon Converts Unicode styled 'fonts' to accessible and readable plain text
Total Downloads: 2 Download Plugin
dictionary configurer Mozilla Addon The extension can enable spell checking for all fields on a page or on all pages of all sites by default. Also it lets you choose which spell checking dictionaries use by default. Useful for multi language dictionary to set them active by default.
Total Downloads: 1 Download Plugin
Easysubs Mozilla Addon Improve your language skills by watching TV shows and movies.
Total Downloads: 164 Download Plugin
Font Sizer Mozilla Addon Easily change the font size of paragraphs.
Total Downloads: 74 Download Plugin
Google Search Language Changer Mozilla Addon Google Search Language Changer is an extension that allows you to quickly change your Google Search language preferences such as pages in the specified language and web interface language.
Total Downloads: 8 Download Plugin
Google Translate Search Plugin Mozilla Addon Translate the specified text.Since the source and destination language of translation are not specified as follows, this can be used for all languages.{searchTerms}
Total Downloads: 227 Download Plugin
Google Search - Geolocation & Language Change Mozilla Addon You can easily change your location and language in the Google search results screen.
Total Downloads: 226 Download Plugin
Greeklish to Greek Mozilla Addon Change Greeklish characters to Greek - Greeklish σε Ελληνικό κείμενο
Total Downloads: 2 Download Plugin
Inkah: Learn Chinese & Korean on the Web & Netflix Mozilla Addon Look up Chinese & Korean words. Split sentences into their individual words. Learn while browsing the web by hovering words and learn from Youtube and Netflix with double subtitles.
Total Downloads: 315 Download Plugin
ISERV Volume change Mozilla Addon can change the volume of the iserv conference module
Total Downloads: 2 Download Plugin
Haidoku Mozilla Addon Display contents of Wiktionary and Wikipedia in the window.
Total Downloads: 19 Download Plugin
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