Best Cookies Mozilla Addons Alternatives

Total cookies plugins - 49
Vacuum Places Improved

Defragments your Firefox 'Places' database (history/bookmarks)
This greatly reduces the lag while typing in the address bar and the start-up time.
This extension features configurable automatic cleaning, periodic reminder, and internationalization.

Total Downloads: 30.7K
Media Sniffer

This add-on automatically detects the video/audio being played in browser

Total Downloads: 7.9K
Irvine ContextMenu

Downloads links and images with Irvine.

Total Downloads: 5.7K

Adds the ability to send Usenet NZB files directly to SABnzbd+ or NZBGet download clients.

Total Downloads: 3.8K
Cashback Notifier -

Alerts you to cashback savings when visiting retailers online or searching for retailers, such as on Google

Total Downloads: 3.5K
Hebrew Calendar

Show the Hebrew date in your browser's status.

Total Downloads: 1.5K
Spotify Search

Right-click selection and search in Spotify.

Total Downloads: 1.5K

Freeze frame screenshot tool to capture and edit anything on any monitor

Total Downloads: 1.5K
qSnap - Screen Capture, Screenshots, Annotation

Capture multiple Web pages, crop, annotate, add callouts, add notes, cover sensitive information. Save files to our free hosting service. Share a file URL or save locally to your computer. Completely free!

Total Downloads: 1.4K
The Browser Highlighter

Take some of the legwork out of web surfing by highlighting things like phone numbers, forms and products, and get down to the nitty-gritty faster.

Total Downloads: 1.4K
Search Tab

For Firefox addicts like me, it becomes difficult to use firefox with more than 20 tabs opened. This addon helps searching among the opened tabs.

Total Downloads: 1.1K

Open pages in Opera from Firefox context menus. Very usefull for web developers!

Total Downloads: 1.1K

Syntax highlighting for the Firebug command line using Ace.
Fuzzy auto completion
and more...

Total Downloads: 1.1K
Search IP

This plugin adds three links to Firefox's context menu that lookup the selected IP address at Project Honey Pot, Utrace, spamhaus, senderbase,...

Total Downloads: 1.1K

Расширения для работы с сайтом

Total Downloads: 1.1K
Text Formatting Toolbar

Toolbar for formatting text in BBcode, HTML or Wiki code

Total Downloads: 1.1K
Image Lookup

Reverse image search with Google, TinEye, and Karma Decay

Total Downloads: 1.1K
Ubuntu-it Menu

Quick navigation menu through all the resources of the Italian community of the Linux distribution Ubuntu ( Allow also a quick navigation through some resources of other Ubuntu communities including the international one.

Total Downloads: 1.1K
The Ad Filter by D&AD

The free browser extension that blocks the boring ads and shows the great ones. With the Ad Filter, you'll be inspired by great idea everyday without even thinking about it. Enjoy !

Total Downloads: 1.1K
HTTP Request Logger

Logs HTTP requests (referrer, HTTP method and URL) to a text file for security and auditing reasons.

Total Downloads: 1.1K