Best Detected Automatically Mozilla Addons Alternatives

Total Detected Automatically plugins-50
Duplicate Tabs Closer Mozilla Addon Detects and automatically closes duplicate tabs.
Total Downloads: 6.9K Download Plugin
CPM Auto-fill Mozilla Addon Uses Convenient Password Manager to automatically fill in credentials on websites.
Total Downloads: 3 Download Plugin
Wikipedia-References-Creator Mozilla Addon Create wikipedia references from websites with configurable output. Automatic detection from Google-Books, Amazon, and each other website (as simple refeference).
Total Downloads: 80 Download Plugin
Test language keywords Mozilla Addon

Replaces random selected keywords either for a German or an English text with list of choices.
This is meant to improve your German or English grammatical knowledge.
The language of the Web page is detected automatically.

CopyFeedLocation Mozilla Addon

No misnomer here, this Firefox extension allows you to copy the URL of a detected RSS or Atom XML feed to the clipboard, making it uber-easy to subscribe in other applications (such as Thunderbird). You probably know that Firefox doesn't provide an easy way to access the URL.

CopyFeedLocation gives you three easy ways to access a feed URL... an optional toolbar button, a right-click menu option for the standard Feed Button (subscription icon), and a Firefox context menu item. Each is flexible to handle one or multiple detected feeds on a given website, so you can quickly get the feed you want and move on.

ShopFiller Mozilla Addon

This add-on will help you get free shipping on Amazon.

gdict Mozilla Addon

Easiest mouse hover translator based on Google translator

Auto Close Tab Mozilla Addon

Automatically closes matching tab that is opened or refreshed.

VTzilla Mozilla Addon

Right-click on any link and scan the target with VirusTotal, scan your downloads with VirusTotal before storing them in your PC, free and easy. More information at:

setenv Mozilla Addon

Automatically set environment variables based on preferences.

Rickroll Detector Mozilla Addon

A simple rickroll detector.

Extension Defender Mozilla Addon

Protect Firefox with Extension Defender, scan your extensions for unwanted or malicious apps. Install Extension Defender and stay protected. Social Music Tracker Mozilla Addon

Keep track of and show your friends what music you listen to from YouTube,,,, and more, in real time, and even show it directly in Facebook.

Filename2Caption for Picasa Web Albums Mozilla Addon

For your existing Picasa Web Albums, semi-automatically fill in the captions with the file names of your photos. Despite being semi-automatic, it's 10-fold+ faster than doing it manually for most people.

Google Translator for Firefox Mozilla Addon With this addon you can translate any text to your own language with one click or hot-key. You can either translate the selected text, this way the translated text will overwrite the original selected text, or you can translate the full page too.
Total Downloads: 291.6K Download Plugin
ScrapBook X AutoSave Mozilla Addon

Automatically saves web page to ScrapBook on browsing.

Net Notes Mozilla Addon

Store Notes on Websites in your Bookmarks.

UrlbarToSearchbar Mozilla Addon

This addon automatically copies everything you enter into your address bar to the search bar.

Socializer! for Firefox Mozilla Addon

A nice button to let you share any page on (more than 30) top social networks, Google plus, eMail, or translate it in any language supported by Google, even get automatically html (href) links to use for references in your own blog or web site.

Tere Euro! Mozilla Addon

EEK/EUR Calculator

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