Best Doubleclick Urls Mozilla Addons Alternatives

Total Doubleclick Urls plugins-50
Plain Text Linker Mozilla Addon Opens plain text URLs when you double-click on them.
Total Downloads: 256 Download Plugin
RB DoubleClick Mozilla Addon Makes it possible to double-click a line in Review Board to comment. Only works on for now.
Total Downloads: 2 Download Plugin Mozilla Addon

Turn really long URLs into really short URLs

DblClicker Mozilla Addon

Double-click action for Firefox -
double-click Link, Bookmark/History to open in new tab (emulate ctrl+click).

List Open URLs Mozilla Addon

Lists the URLs of the open webpages (including the ones in the back and forward buttons)

Copy Tab URLs Mozilla Addon

Copies the URLs of all open tabs

DoubleClick Save downDialog's File Mozilla Addon


adbar Mozilla Addon

Displays Google ads related to pages you view...

Copy Urls Expert Mozilla Addon

Copy multiple urls (links) to clipboard. Provides options to copy urls of all opened tabs and urls in selected text. You can customize the format of copied urls. You can also open multiple links from clipboard.

DeTiny Short Url Mozilla Addon

Expand any shortened (redirecting) URL - not limited to specific services

openintabs Mozilla Addon

Open URLs seperated by ENTERs from clipboard in tabs

Send Tab URLs Mozilla Addon

Send a list of browser tab URLs to email or the clipboard

QuietUrl Mozilla Addon

QuietUrl automatically converts mistyped or obfuscated URLs to valid ones, can obfuscate URLs on form submission for privacy and it also creates clickable links from text URLs, which works with incomplete URLs as well, like those in YouTube comments.

flowfox Mozilla Addon

Share sites in your influx team inbox

M-Links Mozilla Addon

Converts text-only m-files:// -urls to links, automatically or when requested.
Configurable support for other :// URI schemes.

Pwee URL Shortener Mozilla Addon

Simple, Stylish and Powerful way to shorten any URL!

Mirapri EU Mozilla Addon

Mirapri add-on for firefox. Convert JP urls in eu urls.

Simple URL Blocker Mozilla Addon

Blocks URLs by regular expressions. Regular expressions can be entered in preferences, separated by ;
Additional for creating the correct regular expression, you can set a verbose level on this add-on. Output is done to console (info level).

Henkers OUO.IO Shorter Mozilla Addon FireFox Extension from Henker, its Create Shorten URL with the Engine OUO.IO
Total Downloads: 22 Download Plugin
Total Downloads: 13.1K Download Plugin
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