Duplicate Mozilla Addons

Total Duplicate plugins-68
7TV Mozilla Addon A third party emote extension for Twitch
Total Downloads: 130.8K Download Plugin
Alizaib Hassan Mozilla Addon Get Latest Lesco Bill Online From Lescobill.net
Total Downloads: 0 Download Plugin
Animana PHP Mozilla Addon This addon for the Animana Veterinary PMS extends the Pet Health Plan functionality. It requires support and server details from your Healthplan provider.
Total Downloads: 1 Download Plugin
Audio editor & music editor AudioStudio Mozilla Addon AudioStudio to create and edit audio and music online
Total Downloads: 128 Download Plugin
Bookmark Detector Mozilla Addon Detects and removes duplicate bookmark on add and shows a notification about it.
Total Downloads: 130 Download Plugin
Bookmark Dupes Mozilla Addon Display/Remove duplicate bookmarks, empty folders or descriptions
Total Downloads: 9.5K Download Plugin
Bookmark tags Mozilla Addon Adds tags to bookmarks. Improves search and more.
Total Downloads: 78 Download Plugin
Bookmarks Organizer Mozilla Addon With the Bookmarks Organizer it's easy to put order in your bookmarks. The Bookmarks Organizer finds no longer working bookmarks, redirects, duplicates and more!
Total Downloads: 15.5K Download Plugin
cancel-duplicate-downloads Mozilla Addon Cancels autorenamed duplicate downloads
Total Downloads: 8 Download Plugin
Clean the mess! Mozilla Addon Clean the mess! a simple addon that is designed to help you with maintaining order among opened websites. First and main purpose of Clean the mess is to help you find and mercilessly close tabs you don't need. Have your tabs in order! Clean the mess!
Total Downloads: 15 Download Plugin
ClickTabUniq Mozilla Addon Close duplicate tabs from the right click menu.
Total Downloads: 7 Download Plugin
Close duplicate tabs Mozilla Addon Finds and closes duplicate tabs by URL. Will assume that URLs in different contextual identities are not the same URL and will not be closed.
Total Downloads: 257 Download Plugin
Cloud Duplicate Finder Mozilla Addon Remove duplicate data from GoogleDrive , Dropbox, OneDrive and Box via cloudduplicatefinder.com
Total Downloads: 32 Download Plugin
dedup Mozilla Addon Close duplicate tabs when a tab with the same url is opened
Total Downloads: 5 Download Plugin
Delete Cookies Mozilla Addon Delete all cookies from the active tab directly from the browser toolbar.
Total Downloads: 1 Download Plugin
Dont Duplicate Tabs Mozilla Addon Addon, to prevent the opening of tabs with urls, which are already opened.With a couple of options, like to switching to the already opened tab.
Total Downloads: 29 Download Plugin
Download Images From Tabs Mozilla Addon Download images from tabs to the left, right or from the current tab. You can select links and open them in new tabs for download.
Total Downloads: 1.9K Download Plugin
Duplicate Bookmarks Finder Mozilla Addon Find and delete duplicate bookmarks.
Total Downloads: 46 Download Plugin
Duplicate Tab Hotkey Mozilla Addon A Duplicate Tab Hotkey bound to Accel+K.
Total Downloads: 177 Download Plugin
Duplicate Tab Shortcut Mozilla Addon Press Alt+Shift+D to duplicate the current tab (Option+Shift+D on Mac).
Total Downloads: 1.8K Download Plugin
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