Best English Real Texts Mozilla Addons Alternatives

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VIEW: language learning on any webpage Mozilla Addon VIEW is an intelligent computer-assisted language learning (ICALL) system designed to provide language learning activity resources.
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Parivartan Mozilla Addon

A text converter (not translator) from an Indian language to English and vice versa. Also supports Katapayadi sankhya system.

Transliterate Cyrillic Tajik/Persian Mozilla Addon

Transliterate Cyrillic Tajik/Persian texts to Latin script

Clipple Mozilla Addon

Clipple provides extended clipboard system to Firefox. All text you copied will be stored and you can paste text in it later.

Real Estate Peruser Mozilla Addon

Real Estate Peruser Searches multiple Real Estate Search Engines to find you the perfect home. You can also Save and Sync House Listings and take Notes in the sidebar as you browse, and send your list of Favorites to friends.

The Official Real Madrid Club de Futbol Toolbar Mozilla Addon

The Official Real Madrid Futbol Club add-on keeps you in touch everything Real Madrid, from news and tickets to Twitter and videos.

WeeRL Mozilla Addon

It's not URL anymore -- it's WeeRL. Take commenting power into your own hands and see what other users like you think about different web pages.

Clipboard Observer Mozilla Addon

This can load URI texts copied into the clipboard automatically.

Count Word Professional Mozilla Addon

This add-on shows the number of words, characters, new lines, spaces of text you selected. dictionary toolbar Mozilla Addon

Translate from English to Spanish, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish and other languages, including pronunciation, synonyms, grammar and usage examples.

Lavender Mozilla Addon

Lavender converts gendered English pronouns to gender-neutral pronouns. For example, the sentence 'She loves strawberries' is converted to 'Ze loves strawberries'. Lavender helps you to read and learn 21st-century English.

Hide Img Tag Mozilla Addon

Hides all the tags <IMG> in the page using a 'display:none' style.
So you can easily copy texts without copying the 'alt' value of the image.

Does not affect images placed as background.

Text Holder Mozilla Addon

Copy and paste some text temporary.

Persian transliteration Mozilla Addon

Helps transliterating Persian texts.

Reverse Text Mozilla Addon

Reverse Texts directly from firefox!

Hindi Dictionary Mozilla Addon Get English to Hindi and Hindi to English meaning easily1) Double click on any word on any webpage for meaning 2) Select any word and click icon of this addon on top right corner3) Select any word -> right click on it -> Select "Hindi Meaning"
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transliterate-Lacinka Mozilla Addon

Transliterate Cyrillic Lacinka/Byelorussian texts to Latin script (with Byelorussian orthography)

Dolus Mozilla Addon

Hide your IP from websites with spoofed X-Forwarded-For headers.

Extended Keyboard Mozilla Addon

Extends the Hungarian keyboard by allowing users to insert characters (real Hungarian and English quotation marks, guillemets, endash, ellipsis and non-braking space) that aren't supported by the layout.

Vocabla - translate English words Mozilla Addon

Translate English words using double-click.

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