Extension Allows Mozilla Addons

Total Extension Allows plugins-1996
7Cav Zulu Conversion Mozilla Addon This extension appends a conversion to your local timezone after any zulu times on 7cav.us.
Total Downloads: 23 Download Plugin
ABV Notifier Mozilla Addon Official ABV.bg notifier.
Total Downloads: 3.5K Download Plugin
CatBlock Mozilla Addon CatBlock is an ad-blocking extension, which replaces ads with cute pictures of cats (or whatever you want)!
Total Downloads: 149 Download Plugin
Add to Dropmark Mozilla Addon A quick way to add links, images, and screenshots to your Dropmark collections.
Total Downloads: 431 Download Plugin
AdGuard AdBlocker Mozilla Addon Unmatched adblock extension against advertising and pop-ups. Blocks ads on Facebook, Youtube and all other websites.
Total Downloads: 844.2K Download Plugin
adv-store-search Mozilla Addon Advanced Store Search
Total Downloads: 0 Download Plugin
Adwords Blocker Mozilla Addon Block Google Adwords when you are on Google
Total Downloads: 0 Download Plugin
Alison FF Extension Mozilla Addon Esta extensión le permitira interactuar con servicios de firma y emisión de certificados digitales.
Total Downloads: 1.4K Download Plugin
Alldebrid addon Mozilla Addon Addon for easy downloads with Alldebrid
Total Downloads: 6.8K Download Plugin
Amazon 2+Clicks Order Mozilla Addon Avoid accidental purchase by replacing 1-Click button on Amazon
Total Downloads: 24 Download Plugin
Ambient Aurea for Firefox Mozilla Addon Bring your image to an ambient lighting effect with just one click on the button.
Total Downloads: 39 Download Plugin
Analyze-it Mozilla Addon Opens various page analytic tools - SEO, CMS, & WHOIS information for any page you visit.
Total Downloads: 20 Download Plugin
Androjine Live Extension Mozilla Addon Ne manquez plus un seul de mes lives sur Twich :)
Total Downloads: 1 Download Plugin
Animal Forest BGM Mozilla Addon Plays music from Animal Crossing: New Leaf for each hour of the day.
Total Downloads: 140 Download Plugin
Annotating the Web Mozilla Addon Add-on, by Mediamaster.eu, to easily add annotation functionality to any webpage
Total Downloads: 72 Download Plugin
APKFtech APK Downloader Mozilla Addon This extension will help you download APK file Directly from Google Play Store through APKFetch.com APK Downloader Service.
Total Downloads: 60 Download Plugin
Appsco Dashboard Mozilla Addon This extension is used to interact with Appsco Dashboard
Total Downloads: 11 Download Plugin
Google Art Project Mozilla Addon Art Project masterpieces from Google Cultural Institute in your Firefox's new tabsWebExtension replacement: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/new-tab-time-date/
Total Downloads: 499 Download Plugin
Ask Mona Extension Mozilla Addon Ask Mona の機能を拡張します
Total Downloads: 1 Download Plugin
au-revoir-utm Mozilla Addon Removes crappy utm_ tracking stuff
Total Downloads: 731 Download Plugin
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