Best History Mozilla Addons Alternatives

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Clear Your History Mozilla Addon

Clear Your History - history cleaner for Firefox.

BackTrack Tab History Mozilla Addon

Links that are opened in new tabs (and optionally in new windows) retain the 'back' (session) history from the parent window.

Precise Clear History Mozilla Addon

Specify date you want erase history from

Purge Old History Mozilla Addon Removes history entries older than a specified age.
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History Submenus II Mozilla Addon

Add sub-menus to History Menu for previous days' history.

Clear History by Threads Mozilla Addon

Delete browsing history records by threads. It does NOT work without the addon History in Threads

Web History Repository Mozilla Addon

Do you want Firefox to be smarter? So do we. And it is easy for you to help. Submit your anonymized Web history to the Web History Repository. With your data, researchers can gain new insights; programmers can create new tools and plugins for you.

Zero Footprint: Selective History Eraser Mozilla Addon

Ever wish you could only CERTAIN websites from your history without deleting it EVERYTHING? Because honestly, what's more suspicious than always clearing your history after you've used the computer?

Wikipedia History Mozilla Addon

Adds a history box with the last 6 visited pages to Wikipedia and some other MediaWiki sites. The history is directly added to the pages...

Norwell History Tools Mozilla Addon

Norwell reveals the history that is otherwise hidden from you in native firefox history viewer. Displays all browsing history chronological/sequentially as timeline. Advanced search, wildcards and filters. Chrome and Firefox history import tool.

MyWebSteps Mozilla Addon

Developed by researchers at the University of Leeds, this add-on captures and visualises your web navigation history to support webpage revisiting. To protect your privacy, captured data are stored on your LOCAL machine (1.5 GB required each year).

History Janitor Mozilla Addon

Firefox does not give an option to remove the oldest entries from the history. History Janitor automatically purges history entries on Firefox startup. The user is allowed to specify a number of days. Everything older than this number is deleted!

Tab History Menu (modified) Mozilla Addon

when Mouse over the selected tab, a history menu corresponding to it will be displayed.

History Submenus Mozilla Addon

This places each day's entire browsing history in a submenu of the history menu.

FB Chat History Manager Mozilla Addon

Facebook Chat History Manager,save and view your chat history with friends on Facebook.

Download Cleaner Mozilla Addon

Automatically removes entries from the new download history.

Chintzee Amazon Price Tracker Get The Lowest Price Mozilla Addon

View price history charts and add price drop alerts while surfing Amazon. With this price watcher add-on, you'll always get the lowest price and the best deals.

Office Browsing History Mozilla Addon

Record and remotely check browsing history, even in private mode.

FF History Mozilla Addon

Button on the window title, which lets you quickly view the history of recently visited tabs and windows.

Boomtango Mozilla Addon

Boomtango enhances your browser history to make re-finding web content faster and easier. All data is stored locally to keep your web history private and secure.

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