Best Language Support Mozilla Addons Alternatives

Total Language Support plugins-50
NBA Orlando Magic New Tab Mozilla Addon

New tab experience for Orlando Magic basketball fans

High Definition Video Mozilla Addon

Makes HD the default video quality.

NoSquint Plus Mozilla Addon Manage site-specific zoom levels and color settings
Total Downloads: 4.5K Download Plugin
Flash Debugger Mozilla Addon Debug Flash/SWF/Flex files on the web. Edit properties and inspect elements on the fly. View log output inside the extension. Run AS3 code against the active SWF. Profile memory consumption and much much more...
Total Downloads: 2.1K Download Plugin
SpeechUtil Mozilla Addon

Allows you to listen the english text, selected in the web-page. Add-on converts selected text into the speech in OGG format. This format has native support by the modern Firefox versions. Try it now. Have Fun and Good Luck.

MariMainPiano Mozilla Addon

MariMainPiano is a musical instrument substitute in form of browser extension for entertainment use.

Modify Headers Mozilla Addon

Add, modify and filter the HTTP request headers sent to web servers. This addon is particularly useful for Mobile web development, HTTP testing and privacy.

M-Links Mozilla Addon

Converts text-only m-files:// -urls to links, automatically or when requested.
Configurable support for other :// URI schemes.

eCalculator Mozilla Addon

A calculator in a popup window. Large integer, high-precision decimal real, various operators and functions are supported. Especially useful for programmers with decimal, hex, binary integers, and bitwise/logical operations.

Fire IE (FireIE, Enhanced IE) Mozilla Addon

Embeds Internet Explorer(IE) to use the powerful Firefox add-ons.
Not only an enhanced IE Tab, but also an enhanced Internet Explorer with Adblock Plus and FireGestures support.
Switch to the IE engine in one click and dismiss your IE.

Amazing eBay Highlight Search Mozilla Addon

Allows one to highlight and then search eBay through the context menu.

Adam @ Home Comic Interactive Theme Mozilla Addon

This is the ONLY OFFICIAL browser theme for your favorite comic! With the special [email protected] theme, follow Adam as he deals with job deadlines, minivan support groups, sibling arguments and marital bliss. It's a great way to add hilarity to your day.

FuseDesk for Infusionsoft Mozilla Addon FuseDesk's Help Desk and Ticketing System for Infusionsoft can now be used directly inside of your Infusionsoft Application. View and create new cases right on each Contact record without leaving Infusionsoft!
Total Downloads: 0 Download Plugin
Orkut Scrapper Mozilla Addon

This extension helps Orkuting easier! . This has lots of features which enables scrapping easier...

jspanel Mozilla Addon

Run javscript (or html) code in the context of a webpage

FlashFirebug Mozilla Addon

Debug Flash/SWF files on the web. Edit properties and inspect elements on the fly. View log output inside the extension. Run AS3 code against the active SWF. Access assets with the Explorer. (NOW SUCCEEDED BY FLASH DEBUGGER. CHECK ADDON DESCRIPTION)

CORS Everywhere Mozilla Addon A firefox addon allowing the user to enable CORS everywhere by altering http responses.Report issues to the repository, with enough information to reproduce the problem:
Total Downloads: 24.8K Download Plugin
ScrapBook CHM Creator Mozilla Addon

An add-on for the Scrapbook/Scrapbook+ extensions to create Windows HTML Help.

NFL Denver Broncos New Tab Mozilla Addon

Customize your New Tab page and enjoy Denver Broncos wallpaper images, live news, video, and links on every New Tab!

FireSaver Mozilla Addon

Download a web page and all other web pages, images or selective categories which are linked to that page.
Download a sequence of web pages at once.
Download all open tabs at once.

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