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Get Archive Mozilla Addon Gets a previous version from a webpage using, or
Total Downloads: 77 Download Plugin
Briteclick Mozilla Addon

Search without leaving your page. No need to open new tabs or windows to search. View results from Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, eBay and more neatly organized in your sidebar!

Watch the demo:

Come back 'Block image from ad.sites' Mozilla Addon

This add-on makes 'Block image from ad.sites' come back to Firefox's context menu!!

HTML5 YouTube Everywhere Mozilla Addon

Get rid of legacy Flash based embedded YouTube videos and replace them with YouTube's HTML5 player. Works even if you have Flash on.

Support for replacing the player on YouTube site is in development.

Tabsflip Mozilla Addon

Enhance your Browser Tabbing Experience with the tabs “Aero” popup
By using the CTRL-TAB or CTRL-SHIFT-TAB buttons a preview menu will popup displaying preview pictures of all open tabs.

OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer Mozilla Addon Adds structured data discovery and handling of multiple content-types to your browser. Reveals Structured Metadata embedded within HTML pages in notations including POSH (Plain Old Semantic HTML), Microdata, JSON-LD, RDF-Turtle, and RDFa.
Total Downloads: 411 Download Plugin
GoOctopus Job Search Toolbar Mozilla Addon

If you want to maximize your job search, here is the tool that help you search jobs on Indeed, SimplyHired, CareerJet, JuJu, and also Big job boards like Monster and CareerBuilder.

Drag-Select Link Text Mozilla Addon Select link text with easy mouse gestures.
Total Downloads: 1.6K Download Plugin
SAASPASS Single Sign-On 2FA Authenticator Mozilla Addon

SAASPASS Single Sign-On extension allows SSO login to your two-factor authentication Authenticator services with zero steps.

HTTPSpatrol Mozilla Addon

Displays a friendly notification when the website you visit either uses HTTPS OR uses HTTPS with mixed content (some nonsecure items within the page) .

Integrated Inbox for Gmail and Google Apps Mozilla Addon Tired of having multiple tabs open just to view your favorite Google services and other Apps like Feedly, Evernote, Twitter and more? Now you can see them right from your Gmail Inbox.Install now or visit for more info.
Total Downloads: 1K Download Plugin
ScrollAnywhere Mozilla Addon Scroll page without touching scroll-bar! Press Middle (Right / Left) mouse button anywhere on the page to scroll just like with scrollbar.Features also:- "grab and drag" scrolling- customizable scrollbars!- the Momentum auto-scroll
Total Downloads: 11.3K Download Plugin
Bookmarks Sidebar Scroll Retainer Mozilla Addon

Memorizes Bookmarks/History sidebar's vertical scroll position. And restores it at re-opening, in each window each session.

Download YouTube Videos as MP4 Mozilla Addon

An extension that adds direct links to download YouTube videos as MP4 and FLV. It has a simple interface and it downloads videos directly from YouTube. The extension integrates with YouTube's interface and adds a download button below the player.

Babylon Dictionary Word Search Mozilla Addon

Find the definition for a selected word in a web page or an email.
Right click over the selected word, choose the option 'Search in Babylon' and that's it! You will have a new window with the definition of the selected word.

Comeback View Menuitems Mozilla Addon

Comeback 2 menuitems 'Reload' and 'Page Source' in View menu that no longer exist with Firefox version up.
Almost 90 languages supported.

iWeb2x - Printer Friendly Web Mozilla Addon

Convert web page to printer friendly PDF, image snapshot, or high resolution wallpaper.

Prevent Out Of Virtual Memory Crashes Mozilla Addon

As soon as maximum contiguous virtual memory approaches zero, the browser will be automatically restarted to prevent 'out of memory' crashes (with either 'mozalloc_abort(char const* const)' or empty crash signatures). For Windows power users.

Host Pic.Org Mozilla Addon

This addon enhances image uploading, hosting & sharing interface provided by Irrespective of signed up as a member or not, you can use all features of this addon. Check more detailed description & screenshots of this addon below

OpenLink Data Explorer Mozilla Addon A tool for generating structured descriptor documents for HTTP accessible resources. HTML+RDFa based Linked Data is the default Descriptor Document format. Other formats are available via page hosted links or content negotiation.
Total Downloads: 23 Download Plugin
Google chrome extensions Download

We collect the latest most useful Google chrome extension from Google chrome Extensions directory . You can download Chrome extensions directly from here.

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