Best Language Support Mozilla Addons Alternatives

Total Language Support plugins-50
e10s Google Reverse Image Search Mozilla Addon

This little tool adds a context menu item for images to perform a reverse image search on Google. Works with e10s. URL Shortener Mozilla Addon

Short your URLs using Bit.uZ and share them on Twitter or Friendfeed.
Bit.uZ is a free and open source based URL Shortener. To have the best user ex

SPARQL support Mozilla Addon

support editing SPARQL queries in textarea

Translate Now Mozilla Addon Right click a selection, page or link to translate words in Firefox.
Total Downloads: 7K Download Plugin
DTCloud Mozilla Addon Le vrai visage du cloud.
Total Downloads: 1 Download Plugin
Flashblock Mozilla Addon

Never be annoyed by a Flash animation again! Blocks Flash so it won't get in your way, but if you want to see it, just click on...

IE Tab + (FF 8+, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3.6, 3.5, SeaMonkey) Mozilla Addon

IE Tab + is an enhanced version of IE Tab. It supports FF 3.5 or greater, integrates IE Tab with Adblock Plus in the IE Tab engine, and synchronizes cookies between IE and Firefox. You can easily import settings from the original IE Tab into IE Tab +

scihubfox Mozilla Addon

Appends sci-hub url:, to the current URL, which usually redirects to the Captcha before downloading the article. Tested for pubmed and science direct.

If you like it, please support Sci-hub!

MLdonkey Protocol Handler Mozilla Addon

Sends ed2k, Magnet, sig2dat and BitTorrent links to MLdonkey/eMule/aMule.

MonkeyContact Mozilla Addon

MonkeyContact is the ability for you to find everyone you know, everywhere without the hassles of synchronization or management.

Turbo Download Manager Mozilla Addon A download manager with the ability to pause and resume downloads, download remote files, and more.
Total Downloads: 57.6K Download Plugin
Enable Screen Capturing in Firefox Mozilla Addon

This firefox extension enables screen capturing support in Firefox for pages. Only for pages

twimprovements Mozilla Addon

Improves the Twitter Web UI.

jV Mozilla Addon

This extension makes all html textareas into a very stripped-down version of Vi[m]. It's modal, supports infinite undo, has register support, search, visual mode, and various movement and editing commands. There's a lot yet to implement, but I've tried to cover all the basics that you'd use every day to type an email, edit a wiki page, etc. That being said, you'll note that the version number hasn't hit 1.0 yet.

If you like the power of ItsAllText, but want something a bit lighter-weight, give it a try.

Bookmarker - the universal sidebar for social bookmarking networks Mozilla Addon

Bookmarker - Compare and enjoy the power of social bookmarking, save and manage all your bookmarks online. (Supported services:,,,,,,,,,

Jazz-Plugin Mozilla Addon

MIDI support in web-browsers

Open URIs Mozilla Addon

Allow trying a URI or URIs (esp. a special protocol or URN) in links before falling back to href (and allowing alternate URIs)

ImTranslator: Translator, Dictionary, TTS Mozilla Addon COMPLETELY REDESIGNED TRANSLATOR FOR FIREFOXImTranslator translates text, words, webpages between more than 100 languages.NEW: Inline Translator, Dictionary, access to Google Translate, Microsoft Translator. Unique on the fly localization.
Total Downloads: 150.2K Download Plugin
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We collect the latest most useful Google chrome extension from Google chrome Extensions directory . You can download Chrome extensions directly from here.

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