Best Locale Mozilla Addons Alternatives

Total Locale plugins-25
Locale Switcher Mozilla Addon Lets you quickly switch the browser locale to test localization on your website.
Total Downloads: 519 Download Plugin
Locale2MUI Mozilla Addon

Sets Firefox/Thunderbird Locale to Windows (MUI) Language on startup

Quick Locale Switcher Mozilla Addon

Allows you to quickly switch to a different language (User Interface, Spell Checker Dictionary and Website content) in your Mozilla application.

Download Status Bar Mozilla Addon

If you are the kind of person who likes to have total control over every aspect of your downloads, 'Download Status Bar' is the add-on you are looking for.

Force RTL Mozilla Addon

Force a LTR locale to behave as if it was a RTL locale.

Scientific Calculator Mozilla Addon

A full-featured scientific calculator which can be placed in any Firefox tool-bar or the Australis PanelUI.

Quick Locale Switcher 2 Mozilla Addon

Allows you to quickly switch to a different language (User Interface, Spell Checker Dictionary and Website content) in your Mozilla application.

Greasy Scripts Mozilla Addon

Helps you find user scripts for your favorite sites!

Print Mozilla Addon

This extension allows you to use print for the page you are browsing straight from the context menu. It uses the original Firefox commands similar to the ones in the file menu, not the javascript window.print(). Now offers multi-locale support...

Fix Bug 876101 Mozilla Addon

This extension is for Indonesian (id) locale only.

Tab History Menu (modified) Mozilla Addon

when Mouse over the selected tab, a history menu corresponding to it will be displayed.

Tag Editor Mozilla Addon

Tag editor for blogs. Tag editor generates tag links for your blog...

Zotero bibliography Locale Switcher Mozilla Addon

This add-ons add a sub menu in Zotero to change the bibliography export locale.

Bookmarks Backup Restore Mozilla Addon

'Bookmarks Backup Restore' add-on allows accessing Librarys 'Bookmarks Backup and Restore' features through a toolbar button.

Hide BookmarksBar Mozilla Addon

Hides and shows the bookmarks toolbar.

Retro Find for Firefox 10* Mozilla Addon

Replace the find toolbar with the old find dialog and add a status bar. Yeah, the good ol' fashioned find box is now here for Firefox 10*!

Quick Accept-Language Switcher Mozilla Addon Provides a quick way of changing the HTTP Accept-Language header so you can view and test websites with a different locale.
Total Downloads: 2K Download Plugin
Multiple Addon Deactivator Mozilla Addon

Multiple Addon Deactivator (M.A.D) is an addon that can (de)activate one, many or each addon at the same time

Simple Locale Switcher Mozilla Addon

An easier management of the user interface language

Heroes Mozilla Addon

This add-on is intended a Danish audience and a Danish site.
See bottom page to change AMO locale to Danish for proper descriptions.

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