Best Passwords Mozilla Addons Alternatives

Total passwords plugins - 26
LastPass Password Manager Mozilla Addon

LastPass, an award-winning password manager, saves your passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device.

Total Downloads: 740.5K Download Plugin
Xmarks Sync Mozilla Addon

Xmarks is the #1 bookmarking and open tab add-on. Keep your bookmarks, and open tabs backed up and synchronized across computers and browsers. Mobile phones with Premium access. Utilize LastPass to sync passwords!

Total Downloads: 305K Download Plugin
Blur Mozilla Addon

Protect your Passwords, Payments, and Privacy.

Total Downloads: 173.8K Download Plugin
KeeFox Mozilla Addon

Simple and secure password management. Login automatically, never forget another password, stay in control of your passwords and improve their security. Powered by the world-renowned KeePass Password Safe.

Total Downloads: 62.9K Download Plugin
Unhide Passwords Mozilla Addon

If you aren't concerned about someone looking over your shoulder and stealing your passwords, why hassle with those obfuscated password fields, where you never know whether you typed your 30 character code correctly or not...

Total Downloads: 19K Download Plugin
Saved Passwords Button Mozilla Addon

Adds a toolbar button for opening the Saved Passwords window.

Total Downloads: 2.8K Download Plugin
PasswordMaker Mozilla Addon

One Password To Rule Them All!

Total Downloads: 2.7K Download Plugin
PwdHash Mozilla Addon

Automatically generates per-site passwords if you prefix your password with @@ or press F2 beforehand. Prevents JavaScript from reading your password as it is typed. The same password will be generated at each subdomain: matches...

Total Downloads: 2.1K Download Plugin
Mass Password Reset Mozilla Addon

Sometimes you change a central password that ends up changing 12 others. This add on helps you reset multiple passwords in the Firefox/Thunderbird password manager.

Total Downloads: 1.7K Download Plugin
AskForSanitize Mozilla Addon

Revives the 'Clear Private Data' dialog on Firefox exit

Total Downloads: 1.3K Download Plugin
Add URL to Window Title (Advanced KeePass Usage) Mozilla Addon

Add the full URL or hostname of the current web page to the window title. Designed to help other applications identify the current window. Helps KeePass ( to identify the current URL for auto-type.

Total Downloads: 1K Download Plugin
Password Reuse Visualizer Mozilla Addon

Ever been told not to reuse the same password across different websites? With this add-on, you can quickly see which passwords you're using the most and where you're using them.

Total Downloads: 884 Download Plugin
Meldium Mozilla Addon

Automatic login to all your favorite web apps. Learn more at

Total Downloads: 681 Download Plugin
masterpassword for Firefox Mozilla Addon

Keep different passwords for every site you log into without having to remember anything but a single master password. And without the risk of your getting your password list stolen.

MasterPassword is available for all your devices!

Total Downloads: 207 Download Plugin
PasswordConfidential Mozilla Addon

A secure and easy solution for managing all of your passwords.

Total Downloads: 155 Download Plugin
Easy Passwords Mozilla Addon

Use a single master password to generate secure unique passwords for all websites - without losing track of the passwords you cannot change.

Total Downloads: 84 Download Plugin
HashPass Firefox Mozilla Addon

Makes it easy to use hashes as passwords, affording ease of recall and effectiveness in password strength. Supported hashes (md5,sha1,sha256,sha512). There is an also an android app of the same name to accompany it.

Total Downloads: 60 Download Plugin
Passera Mozilla Addon

Passera turns entered text into a strong password up to 64 characters long.

Total Downloads: 56 Download Plugin
Single Sign-on Assistant Mozilla Addon

Single Sign-on Assistant provides a secure way for users of CloudAccess and Access Manager to automate authentication to configured applications, providing a single sign-on experience.

Total Downloads: 43 Download Plugin
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