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Total Plugin plugins-582
Captcha captcha solver Mozilla Addon This plugin allows you to automatically solve CAPTCHAs found on any webpage.
Total Downloads: 29 Download Plugin
CB chat AddOn for CMT 1.2.x.x Mozilla Addon Forward CB chat messages to CamModelTools
Total Downloads: 1 Download Plugin
centratus bookmarks Mozilla Addon Saves bookmarks on https://www.centrat.usThis is a simple plugin that opens a new tab at , carrying the url to bookmark there where you can add a title, description, and tags then save the bookmark. centratus is free.
Total Downloads: 0 Download Plugin
CloudFlare Purge Plugin Mozilla Addon The Cloudflare purge plugin uses the Cloudflare API to purge any page of a website that serves its contents through the Cloudflare CDN. After you set your CF e-mail and API key in the options, you can purge the cache of any page of your website.
Total Downloads: 74 Download Plugin
cfsnow Mozilla Addon This plugin removes the snow background from
Total Downloads: 0 Download Plugin
Check XSS Mozilla Addon Plugin helps in finding site vulnerabilities such as XSS, SQL injection and CRLF.Check XSS makes it possible for you to text XSS (CRLF and SQL commands) with context menu with just 2 mouse clicks.
Total Downloads: 344 Download Plugin
Chicken Climate Mozilla Addon Replace the hyperbolic, fanatic language of climate changed being snuck into the media, with comical replacements
Total Downloads: 1 Download Plugin
clarin-nologin Mozilla Addon Plugin to remove annoying modals in an argentinian newspaper
Total Downloads: 20 Download Plugin
CloudNetCare for Selenium IDE Mozilla Addon CloudNetCare recording plugin for Selenium IDE
Total Downloads: 5 Download Plugin
Cloudopt AdBlocker Mozilla Addon Protect your security in real time, prevent tracing, malicious domain names, filter banner ads, pop-up ads, and video ads.
Total Downloads: 250 Download Plugin
Cloump U-Scraper Plugin Mozilla Addon Instantly converts web page into API for data collecting, combined with cloump's MS-Excel Add-in which supports both Mac and Windows, users can do data collecting works without any coding.
Total Downloads: 10 Download Plugin
CodeStream IDE Connector Mozilla Addon Open GitHub pull requests in the CodeStream extension in your IDE, where you can update and review the PR. You can also open any GitHub issue, and with a single click you can create a feature branch to do your work and update your status on Slack.
Total Downloads: 17 Download Plugin
CoinsDo Signature plugin Mozilla Addon To be used for signature to ensure the security of each account or device.
Total Downloads: 18 Download Plugin
Comparador Escolha Segura Mozilla Addon Se você já encontrou o produto no EscolhaSegura, agora essa extensão vai te ajudar a encontrar melhores preços e cupons de desconto.
Total Downloads: 1.4K Download Plugin
Conexão Mega Mozilla Addon Gere Links Premium com apenas 1 clique com o Plugin Conexão Mega!
Total Downloads: 10 Download Plugin
Confluence - Expand all plugin Mozilla Addon Generates a button that allows users to expand all expandable boxes at once on the Confluence page.Alternatively, you can press Ctrl + ENote! The plugin works only with expand boxes, not with macros.
Total Downloads: 40 Download Plugin
Container Opener Mozilla Addon This extension lets you open up a site in multiple containers at the same time.
Total Downloads: 244 Download Plugin
Cook'n Recipe Capture Plugin Mozilla Addon Capture any recipe from any website with just one click.
Total Downloads: 546 Download Plugin
CookieMaster Mozilla Addon Allows user control of whether cookies may be set, on a per-domain basis.
Total Downloads: 180 Download Plugin
cors-plugin Mozilla Addon A simple add-on/plugin to allow developers who might want to make cross origin requests to their APIs from localhost
Total Downloads: 257 Download Plugin
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