Best Search Mozilla Addons Alternatives

Total Search plugins-50
Search Selected Mozilla Addon

Search selected text with any search services.

Install this addon → select any text on page → press 'S' button on your keyboard → get search results for selected text.

It easy, fast and saves your search time!

Insite Search Mozilla Addon Search information on any opened website via special commands of popular search engines. (Google, Yandex, etc.).
Total Downloads: 329 Download Plugin
Search Buttons Bar Mozilla Addon

A search engine toolbar with one-click search.

Mozilla Labs: Prospector - Search Tabs Mozilla Addon

Show colorful search tabs to search quickly with just a click

Image Search Mozilla Addon Reverse image search using the most popular search engines.
Total Downloads: 816 Download Plugin
Trufflepiggy - Quick Search Mozilla Addon The all-in-one search addon: just select and search. Find on multiple websites at once. Search via overlay, context menu or omnibar. Featuring anonymous profiles. Easy setup: select from 1000+ user generated searches. Cross-browser sync.
Total Downloads: 62 Download Plugin
Search Engine Creator Mozilla Addon

Creates custom search engines for Firefox.

Search Links - speeds up search Mozilla Addon

The extension is the set of items in the context menu. They allow you to quickly jump to search pages in various search engines and social networks, with auto-insertion of selected text.

Boounce Mozilla Addon

Thousands of niche search engines on demand and integrated into your Google search results. Boounce also weeds out duplicate results from Google, Bing, and Blekko.

Peers - Instant Search Mozilla Addon

Instant Search for Firefox. Preview Google and Yahoo search results and suggestions in your Locationbar and Searchbar.

Ubersearch Bar Mozilla Addon

All-in-one search bar with privacy auto-clear timer, search term find buttons, search highlighted text, and programmable tab behavior.

Search Links Mozilla Addon

Creates links according to your search results.

Elliot! Search Mozilla Addon

These add-ons allow you to add all kinds and usefull search & functionality of elliot search engine in toolbar.
easy to access to search page with just one click .

Lookpick Search Box Mozilla Addon

A personal server-based search box. Users can choose from hundreds of search engines instantly. After creating a free account, they can add new search engines on the fly using the browser's context menu. The search engines can be organized and shared at

Zorcher Mozilla Addon

Selecting a small text on the page do not need to copy it into the search bar of your browser or search engine. Just press the right mouse button and select the search service from the available list.

Optimy Search Mozilla Addon

Google Search redesigned for your sidebar. Search and results always within easy reach.

Second Search Mozilla Addon Provides a custom search field to search by any bookmarks for keyword search.
Total Downloads: 225 Download Plugin
Advanced Search Mozilla Addon

Extend Firefox's search engines for searching web sites and file formats.

Searchbastard Mozilla Addon

A swiss knife of search tools, to make you find the stuff quickly

Search Selected Shortcuts Mozilla Addon

A time saver for searching webpage contents.

Just select the text then press some keyboard shortcut.
This add-on will open up a new tab and show the search engine results.

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