Best Selected Text Mozilla Addons Alternatives

Total Selected Text plugins-50
TextMarker Go Mozilla Addon Highlight the selected text.1) Seven highlight colors2) An arrow flag is added on the right side of the page3) Hotkeys for highlight selected text and jump to highlighted text
Total Downloads: 2.5K Download Plugin
Print selected text Mozilla Addon

Adds feature for printing selected text.

Selected text reader Mozilla Addon

Selected text on the web page reader with some additional features.

SpeechUtil Mozilla Addon

Allows you to listen the english text, selected in the web-page. Add-on converts selected text into the speech in OGG format. This format has native support by the modern Firefox versions. Try it now. Have Fun and Good Luck.

Print as Plain Text Mozilla Addon Print just selected text with preview using context menu
Total Downloads: 256 Download Plugin
Search Selected Shortcuts Mozilla Addon

A time saver for searching webpage contents.

Just select the text then press some keyboard shortcut.
This add-on will open up a new tab and show the search engine results.

dejaSpace It ! Mozilla Addon

Bookmark the current page, selected text on the page or selected Tweet to Shortened URLs are expanded to the original -- great for saving Tweets! Bookmarks are stored at where they can be shared and blogged.

Plain Text Copier Mozilla Addon

Copy only the plain text from the selected text

Copy Pure Text Mozilla Addon

Allows to copy selected text as plain text by adding a 'Copy as Text' menu item to context menu.

HowJsay Pronounce Selected Text Context Menu Mozilla Addon

Adds a 'Pronounce in HowjSay...' option when you right click selected text.

GTranslateWinS Mozilla Addon Allows Google Translateā„¢ selected text by pressing ANY key or mouse button.
Total Downloads: 47 Download Plugin
Instant Translator Mozilla Addon

Translate English selected text in webpages into Arabic.

Bible Text Finder Pro Mozilla Addon

Opens a new tab with to with selected text when 'Alt+Shift+x' is pressed.

eMuleSearch Mozilla Addon

Make eMule run a search for selected text without leaving Firefox

share by mail Mozilla Addon

Sharing selected text by your mail client, such as outlook, foxmail, etc.

Private Search Mozilla Addon

Search for the selected text in a private window with custom search engines.

SimpleTranslate Mozilla Addon

Simple additional translate entry to the context menu. Selected text will be translated from German to English or vice versa with
Also opens selected text-only links in a new tab.

Send To Gatherer Mozilla Addon

Send text to Gatherer - Magic: The Gathering search tool

Easy DragToGo Mozilla Addon

Note from Mozilla: This add-on has been discontinued. Try DragIt instead.

Allows you to open links in new tabs, and do more with drag and drop gestures easier.

Copy On Select Mozilla Addon A productivity tool to autocopy selected text to the clipboard.
Total Downloads: 2.3K Download Plugin
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