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1-Click Email URL Mozilla Addon "1-Click" any URL to share a link in email (anonymous from email is optional). can send a URL to multiple friends with a return address or without one. Or just use us to send an email without any links with easy 1-Click.
Total Downloads: 98 Download Plugin
1-Click Lyrics Search Mozilla Addon Think of any song and search for lyrics in 1-Click.Click to view the lyrics, or click to view the Youtube video.KnowYourSong - The fastest, largest database online.Addon uses 3rd party site ( for operation.
Total Downloads: 34 Download Plugin
1-Click Shorten URL Mozilla Addon Click to shorten any URL with one click.
Total Downloads: 266 Download Plugin
1000 Bots - Surf the Web as Googlebot Mozilla Addon Have you ever wanted to surf the webs as a bot? Ever wondered what the Googlebot get’s to see online that you don't? To find out, install 1000 Bots and surf the Internet as Googlebot – the most influential Internet user of all.
Total Downloads: 193 Download Plugin
140chars Mozilla Addon A simple webextension to filter out long tweets
Total Downloads: 0 Download Plugin
18/25 JVC Topics importants Mozilla Addon Un serveur central regarde les topics qui ont beaucoup de connectés, et il vous avertit ! Vous pouvez par ailleurs regarder après coup les topics qui ont intéressé l'élite :)Les notifications sont discrètes et élégantes, adaptées donc à l'élite
Total Downloads: 0 Download Plugin
AirAndScout 1ClickOrder - P2P Delivery! Mozilla Addon CommunityShop anywhere abroad, Delivered Everywhere! Easiest way to get things from ABROAD! Connects SHOPPERS & TRAVELERS (carriers) - we connect shoppers and travelers who help each other access the world.
Total Downloads: 1 Download Plugin
24Kur Mozilla Addon This extension will protect your sanity from the evil that is comment section. It will completely disable the comment section on every article. Also removes comments on and
Total Downloads: 0 Download Plugin
280 Twitter Counter Mozilla Addon Adds the 280 character counter into your tweet form and provides the opportunity to show or hide the circle.
Total Downloads: 1 Download Plugin URL-Shortener Addon Mozilla Addon This add-on helps you shorten URLs easily. By clicking the 2a5-icon your actual long and messy URL gets shorten. The shorten representation gets copied to your clipboard to be ready to paste it somewhere else. Other than that: a qr-code is shown.
Total Downloads: 3 Download Plugin
2ch-helper Mozilla Addon Облегчение взаимодействия с имиджбордой
Total Downloads: 22 Download Plugin
2CHHYPE Mozilla Addon Топ тредов c
Total Downloads: 0 Download Plugin
(3,3) NFTiers Mozilla Addon NFTiers allows you to see the rarity, floor price, and stats of NFTs in your collection from various chains like Avalanche, Fantom, and Ethereum.
Total Downloads: 1 Download Plugin
30 Seconds of Oromummaa Mozilla Addon Web Extension that lets you know Oromummaa better, one story at a time
Total Downloads: 0 Download Plugin
444hsz Mozilla Addon Kommenteld szabadon a cikkeit!
Total Downloads: 82 Download Plugin
4chan Faster Images Mozilla Addon Redirects alternate image servers (,, requests to on
Total Downloads: 231 Download Plugin
4Chan Media Downloader Mozilla Addon Download all the images and videos from any 4Chan ( and 8Chan ( and thread.
Total Downloads: 511 Download Plugin
4chan "QAnon" Mozilla Addon Applies a quantum Oracle to 4chan posts
Total Downloads: 1 Download Plugin
4chan X Mozilla Addon Cross-browser userscript for maximum lurking on 4chan.
Total Downloads: 4.7K Download Plugin
55PBX Webphone Mozilla Addon Extensão de Webphone 55PBX (softphone web) para Firefox.
Total Downloads: 27 Download Plugin
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