Best Teachers Present Mozilla Addons Alternatives

Total Teachers Present plugins-39
AirClass Screen Sharing Mozilla Addon

This extension is used by AirClass to enable screen sharing in Firefox browsers.

Net Present Value Mozilla Addon

Computes the Net Present Value of the future cash flows based on given discounted rate and period

DocentEDU Mozilla Addon

Layer learning on content

Bookmark Recycler Mozilla Addon

Send bookmarks to the Bookmark Trash in any of the following two ways:
1. Drag and drop the bookmark on to the Trash Icon.
2. Right click on bookmark and select the 'Trash it' menu button.

nifty keylogger Mozilla Addon A keylogger for firefox that works! This add-on logs keys including such keys as ALT, SHIFT, and BACKSPACE. It is hard to detect this keylogger through anti-virus software. To access the log, simultaneously press ALT + SHIFT + K orALT + SHIFT + O .
Total Downloads: 669 Download Plugin present url button Mozilla Addon

The tool-bar button sends the address of the current web page to for adding it as a reference link to a present suggestion.

Unicode Emoji Mozilla Addon

All Unicode Emojis. Click on any emoji to copy it instantly.

Webgardi Mozilla Addon Present an attractive dashboard of your web surfing.
Total Downloads: 0 Download Plugin
Augmented Terraria Community Forums Mozilla Addon

Adds some features to Terraria's Community Forums that aren't already present.

Fangs Screen Reader Emulator Mozilla Addon

Fangs renders a text version of a web page similar to how a screen reader would read it. The ambition is to help developers understand how an assistive device would present a website and thereby increase chances of finding accessibility issues early.

avi33t Mozilla Addon

things are very simple in life,keep smiling always..
Group studying now a click away!

Verbling Screensharing Mozilla Addon

Share your screen during Verbling lessons

-As a teacher, show students learning materials and exercises.
-As a student, show teachers your work.

Forest: stay focused, be present Mozilla Addon Stay focused in a pleasant way.
Total Downloads: 15.6K Download Plugin
Bell of Mindfulness Mozilla Addon

A bell that reminds us to breathe and be mindful of our body and mind.

Helix Mozilla Addon Understanding the 1,000 words of a picture
Total Downloads: 4 Download Plugin
OctoLinker Mozilla Addon It turns language-specific module-loading statements like include, require or import into links. Depending on the language it will either redirect you to the referenced file or to an external website like a manual page or another service.
Total Downloads: 1K Download Plugin
IrregularVerbs Mozilla Addon

This is a simple tool to help people learn the English irregular verbs.

WhilePaper(WallPaper While Loading) Mozilla Addon

Are you bored while loading a page? If so, this add-on may relieve boredom by showing wallpaper while loading. (In present version, this works only when you add a tab)

Nos El-Kobaya Mozilla Addon

Nos El Kobaya is an online Radio that inspires students

MTC ACCESS Mozilla Addon

ACCESS is a tool can look up the details of Chinese character and analyze Chinese characters on webpage. If users or Chinese teachers want to learn Chinese characters in a scientific way, try this addon to figure out all the components of characters.

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