Best Text Mozilla Addons Alternatives

Total Text plugins-50
FIRe-text Mozilla Addon

An extension to help simplify the process of editing e-texts.

Do You Even Alt Text? Mozilla Addon Do You Even Alt Text? shows which images on Twitter are missing relevant alt text and that are broken for blind users.
Total Downloads: 3 Download Plugin
TextMarker! Mozilla Addon

Textmarker! is a text higlighter and text copying tool for Firefox. It allows you to highlight text selections via keyboard and context menu and then highlighted text to be copied. 3 highlighter colors can be configured.

Jirozaur Mozilla Addon Helps you paste saved text into web page text fields.Type in text, ID of the text field you wanna insert text into and click 'PasteIt' to paste it.Use context action on text field to get its ID.Click 'SaveIt' to save text and IDs for later.
Total Downloads: 2 Download Plugin
Emoji Stickers Postcards Emoticons Mozilla Addon

i2Symbol is your ultimate source of free Symbols . Smileys . Emoticons . Emojis . Stickers . Postcards . Photo Effects . Memes . Text Art

Copy As Text Mozilla Addon Copy web content as plain text using context menu
Total Downloads: 200 Download Plugin
Copy and Go Mozilla Addon

Copy marked text, paste it and Go to the URL on a new tab immediately

Change to Simple Text Mozilla Addon

Change clipboard data to simple(plain) text

Display Text Directly Mozilla Addon Treat "text/x-*" as "text/plain"
Total Downloads: 20 Download Plugin
rajeshsw (28) Mozilla Addon

This addon will highlight with colors,or hide the text of any webpages.....once opened any webpage just select a text or a paragraph and then rightclick....wherein you can do the necessary text modifications on the current page itself....

Selected text reader Mozilla Addon

Selected text on the web page reader with some additional features.

Hide in Plain Sight Mozilla Addon

Encrypts text into human-looking text using steganography

Copy As Plain Text Mozilla Addon

Removes formatting from copied text.

Copy Plain Text Mozilla Addon

Copies text without formatting...

Plain Text Linker Mozilla Addon Opens plain text URLs when you double-click on them.
Total Downloads: 256 Download Plugin
RetroTxt Mozilla Addon Turn pieces of ANSI text art and ASCII, NFO documents into HTML using RetroTxt. RetroTxt is the Extension that takes legacy and plain text files and stylizes them into a more acceptable, useful format to view or copy from a web browser tab.
Total Downloads: 82 Download Plugin
Fetch Text URL (fix version) Mozilla Addon

Open text URLs from the context menu.

Copy Pure Text Mozilla Addon

Allows to copy selected text as plain text by adding a 'Copy as Text' menu item to context menu.

shortText Mozilla Addon

Select/highlight text on any open website. Right click, and then click on 'shortText', it will send the highlighted text to where you can create a webpage with a unique URL instantly...

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