Best Translate Mozilla Addons Alternatives

Total Translate plugins-50
Translator Widget Mozilla Addon

a basic add-on for Firefox to translate your web page

Fast Translate Mozilla Addon

This add-on is no longer maintained. Please look for an alternative.

Transmaker Mozilla Addon

Transmaker was renamed to Replace Translator. Bug fix and adjustment of feature. Fully Reviewed.

Rewrite the selection in translation.

Gesture Translate Mozilla Addon

With Gesture Translate you can translate any text in a webpage just by full circle or zig and zag mouse movements. The translated text will be showed in the status bar

Easy Google Page Translate - For Firefox Mozilla Addon

Translate current page by using Google Translate. Only one click. Easily switch between translation and original page.

Majstro Translate Mozilla Addon

Select a word on an internet page and translate it with only one mouseclick via Don't select languages and more, let show you what you need to know and more...

Free Quick Translator Mozilla Addon

Free Quick translation- allow user translate selected text in quick and very easy way - from and to more then 50 languages

Open in Googleâ„¢ Translate Mozilla Addon

Open Selection in Google Translate.

TrBut Mozilla Addon

Translate websites with just one button in your navigation bar. Uses Google Translate.

To Google Translate Mozilla Addon Right-click a section of text and click the Translate icon next to it to text translate or listen to it in your language.
Total Downloads: 1M Download Plugin
Google Translate It Mozilla Addon

This jetpack allows you to quickly translate text with Google Translate.

Sidebar for Googleâ„¢ Translator Mozilla Addon

Easy Access to Googleâ„¢ Translate via Sidebar UI

Google translate Persian / English Mozilla Addon

Translate using Google translate service for any language to Persian & any language to English

BingDict Mozilla Addon

Translate selected text on current web pages.
No need to leave current web pages.
Translate results come from Bing Translate.
Thanks for your support!

Select-and-Translate Google Worldwide Mozilla Addon

Translate words with Google by selecting them. Get a pop up translation. Can be set for user's own language by choosing the Google website for that country.

Wiktionary and Google Translate Mozilla Addon

(former Google Dictionary and Google Translate)

In-line dictionary for any word you point to or double-click; whole page translation of any web page in another language.

Popup View for Google™ Translate Mozilla Addon Access to a floating multilingual Google™ Translate popup on any webpage
Total Downloads: 8.1K Download Plugin
Translate Now Mozilla Addon Right click a selection, page or link to translate words in Firefox.
Total Downloads: 7K Download Plugin
Simple Translator Mozilla Addon

Use google translate to perform online translations.

Google™ Translator Lite Mozilla Addon a powerful tool to translate words or sentences
Total Downloads: 8K Download Plugin
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