Best Web Pages Mozilla Addons Alternatives

Total Web Pages plugins-50
ScrapBook Plus 2 Mozilla Addon

Attention! Alpha version! Do not use as a replacement for ScrapBook Plus 1!

Save web pages and organize them.

Hide Unvisited Mozilla Addon

Hide pages (bookmarks) that you haven't visited (since deleting or clearing history) from showing in the AwesomeBar

Backpack Pages Mozilla Addon

Displays a user's Backpack ( pages in the toolbar and allows quick reminder entry.

Wikimedia+ Mozilla Addon

Add history links (to recently viewed pages) to Wikimedia/Wikipedia pages

WebMyStyles Mozilla Addon

Style the web your way- provides a GUI that allow web users to change the look-and-feel of arbitrary web pages to something more pleasant and accessible.

Stat-o-matic Mozilla Addon

Show statistics about browser usage. How many pages viewed by Month and Hour of Day plus Top 10 sites visited. If you want more features tell me.
The months is a bit in accurate and disordered at the moment.
It should show in the add on toolbar.

Back/forward dropmarker Mozilla Addon

Add a drop marker to the combined back/forward button.

Resurrect Pages (isup edition) Mozilla Addon Resurrect dead pages, by finding their ghosts.
Total Downloads: 157 Download Plugin
Baow Resource Manager Mozilla Addon

Baow Resource Manager is a tool that makes it easy to organize your web resources, download and save web pages , annotate with text or drawings, or edit documents and generate web pages.

Magneto Calendar Extension Mozilla Addon

The Magneto browser extension lets you create meetings and to-dos from any web page and adds them to your day. Plus, it automatically extracts key information from leading websites, letting you create new appointments and to-dos in a single click.

Page Scheduler Mozilla Addon

Schedules web pages for specific days and time with appropriate recurrence

NightVision Mozilla Addon

Easy and comfortable pages viewing at night time. Choose one of the five cool night modes and enjoy web pages in new colors!

Nicer Media Pages Mozilla Addon More pleasing look for Firefox media pages.
Total Downloads: 19 Download Plugin
Snagit Autoscroll Helper Mozilla Addon

Helps Snagit capture whole pages instantly

BabelSheep (Cumbrianator) Button Mozilla Addon

Translate web pages and text into Cumbrian with the BabelSheep Cumbrianator from GonMad. Mozilla Addon

Open current web page and links anonymously using

UberNote Toolbar Mozilla Addon

UberNote is a knowledge management tool enabling you to quickly store your content online from anywhere. Easily access your notes, clip web content, bookmark, and add notes with the browser toolbar. It's free, easy to use, and organizes your notes in one central location.

Batch Page Loader Mozilla Addon Opens multiple pages with continuous numbering in the URL
Total Downloads: 59 Download Plugin
SiteChat Mozilla Addon

SiteChat - Chat On Any Website!
Site Chat lets you chat with other users of any website. Just click on the SiteChat button while browsing any website, and chat instantly with others on that site!

MKB Read Now! Mozilla Addon

Randomly fetches & displays recommended Arabic web pages using web services

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