Vim Vixen for Firefox Download

Vim Vixen Download for Mozilla

Vim Vixen Mozilla addon overview

Vim Vixen Mozilla Addon is used to Accelerates your web browsing with Vim power!!.

Accelerates your web browsing with Vim power!!.

Basic usage

- h, j, k, l: scroll left, down, right, up, and right
- j, k: scroll vertically
- h, l: scroll horizontally
- Ctrl+U, Ctrl+D: scroll pages by half of screen
- Ctrl+B, Ctrl+F: scroll pages by a screen
- 0, $: scroll a page to leftmost/rightmost
- gg, G: scroll to top/bottom

- gg, G: scroll to top and bottom
- d: delete current tab
- u: reopen close tab
- K, J: select prev or next tab
- r: reload current tab
- zp: toggle pin/unpin current tab
- zd: duplicate current tab

- f: start following links in the page
- H: go back in histories
- L: go forward in histories
- [[, ]]: find prev or next links and open it
- gu: go to parent directory
- gU: go to root directory

- :: open console
- o, t, w: open a page in current tab, new tab, or new window
- O, T, W: similar to o, t, w, but that contains current url
- b: Select tabs by URL or title
- zi, zo: zoom-in/zoom-out
- zz: set default zoom level
- y: copy URL in current tab
- Shift+Esc: enable or disable the add-on in current tab.

Vim Vixen Permissions

To Download Vim Vixen for Firefox browser, below are the permissions are used by this Firefox Plugin.

  1. Read and modify bookmarks

  2. Read and modify browser settings
  3. get data from the clipboard
  4. access browsing history
  5. display notifications to you
  6. access recently closed tabs
  7. access browser tabs
  8. Access your data for all web sites

Download Vim Vixen Mozilla Addon

Here is the Vim Vixen Addon Download for Mozilla Firefox. you can directly install the plugin from the Mozilla Firefox Addons directory.

Vim Vixen Mozilla Addon Download

Vim Vixen Mozilla Addons Aternatives

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