RSS Desktop Notifications Download for wordpress you need atleast PHP version and 2.0 wordpress version to install and active the Wp plugin. Before going to Download RSS Desktop Notifications for wordpress ensure that you have installed atleast older wordpress version It is tested with the wordpress version.This Plugin supported Languages are .

Download RSS Desktop Notifications Wordpress plugin to install in your Wordpress blog Manually. This RSS Desktop Notifications is used to This plugin helps subscribe visitors to receive Chrome desktop notifications when you publish new posts.


Note:RSS Desktop Notifications Wordpress plugin download is the Direct download link. you can also check the RSS Desktop Notifications in Wordpress plugin repository and download RSS Desktop Notifications latest version Wordpress plugin

Download RSS Desktop Notifications from Wordpress Directory

RSS Desktop Notifications Wordpress plugin Download

What does it do again?

This plugin embeds a button/popup on your site or on specific pages

So how is this better than my RSS feed?

It is not better

How long does it take for a notification to appear?

Depends on the settings selected by the user (typicall a few hours).
Of course

or safari?


Does it plant the code on all pages?


Is this a free service?


Does it come with ads?


RSS Desktop Notifications Added Wordpress Plugins Aternatives

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