Top Best 9 Chrome Extensions for taking attendance

Chrome Extensions For Attendance

You can use attendance extensions in Google Meet. It combines the user names and timestamps with other associated data.

Google Chrome extensions for taking attendance 

Digital classes have become the standard in the COVID-19 period. taking attendance in these virtual classes, on the other hand, can be a pain for teachers. In the midst of side conversations and noisy visuals, they must keep track of when students enter and exit. Many teachers at our school express frustration with taking virtual attendance, saying that current google chrome extensions are buggy and unreliable.

Here are some best attendance chrome extensions to take attendance from the employees, School students. 

Attendance for google meettm is a Google Chrome extension that simplifies the process of taking attendance in a Google MeetTM. All that is required of teachers is to enter the class name and a list of their students. Teachers can display each student's status (present, absent, previously present, or not on list) and export the data to a beautifully formatted google spreadsheet in their own google drive at any time by clicking on the attendance button.

How Attendance Chrome extensions are used? 

When in a Google Meet, attendance chrome extensions can be used to gather attendance. It combines the details shown as the user names with timestamps and other related data. The Chrome extension for attendance automatically generates a new sheet to store the data. Premium subscribers can connect attendance to google classroom rosters and export granular information to a centralized spreadsheet.

The chrome web store is where you can get the extension.

Go to for more details.

Accept the terms and conditions.

In the upper right-hand corner of your chrome browser, click the attendance chrome extensions button.

To save attendance, click the Add button to automatically build and attach a new google sheet.

Tap the people icon in a Google Meet to fly out people in a Meet. A timestamp is used to automatically record attendance.

Attendance is saved in your Google Drive's attendance chrome extensions sheet. By clicking the extension while in Meet, you can also access the attendance from the green assignment button.

The extension does not exchange any information with someone outside of the user's account.

Attendance Tracker Chrome extension download
Attendance Tracker Attendance tracking system for your team to track attendace, no mater with your team members timezone.

cloud base attendance tracking system.The application is having an company panel from where company user/owner can access the panel and they ...

Webkiosk Chrome extension download
Webkiosk Know your attendance without logging into JIIT Webkiosk

Attendance Tracker Plugin Chrome extension download
Attendance Tracker Plugin This extension is used to track the attended hours at your office

This tool is used to track the attended hours by generating the summary of worked hours, difference with the total hours ...

GIZA Chrome extension download
GIZA Displays today's working time from Abacus attendance system. (G)rabbing (I)information (Z)from (A)bacus.

giza extension can be used to display todays working time from abacus attendance system and to fill time registration into achievo ...

Attendance Calulator Chrome extension download
Attendance Calulator Allows VIT students to calculate attendance on the login itself

Having to look for a calculator to see how many classes can be bunked.Use this extension to calculate attendance on the ...

Jibble: Time & Attendance Tracker Chrome extension download
Jibble: Time & Attendance Tracker Jibble in & out to get automated timesheets, activity/project tracking, client billing and powerful reporting for your team

track time and attendance of your team for client billing, payroll or work productivity.Jibble in when you start work and jibble ...

Sify Attendance System Chrome extension download
Sify Attendance System Sify Attendance System - Put your Attendance using this extension.

sify attendance system You can put your attendance using this extension.** ONLY FOR SIFY EMPLOYEES **

Abacus Time Chrome extension download
Abacus Time Displays today's working time from Abacus attendance system.

parses time from Abacus.

Bookstrap GIF Chrome extension download
Bookstrap GIF Makes attendance 13% more exciting

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