Top Best 7 Find And Replace Chrome Extensions

These find and replace chrome extensions are used to find text in the Google Chrome browser when you are working on your blog, email, Google documents, Google sheets, or any other text-based Websites.

Find and replace with the basic functionality of any application when you are using either Windows or Mac os. When you are working with a Word document or text document it is very easy to find and replace or search and replace in the text. similarly when you are working with Google Chrome the find and replace functionality is tricky and difficult to perform. Browsers, of course, are used to look around the web. This is not a text editor. For this reason, it is uncommon to find text editing tools such as "Find and Replace Text" in browsers. Although, in some cases, you may want to substitute words that appear multiple times when writing a blog post, making a remark, composing emails, or moderating a forum. When “Find and Replace Text” is called for, this is where you want to use it. Let's explore how to implement a new feature that includes the ability to find and replace within Google Chrome.

Below are some Chrome extensions that are used for find and replace operations in Google Chrome. 

efTwo (F2) - Advanced Find on Page Chrome extension download
efTwo (F2) - Advanced Find on Page Find one or more words on a page and don't worry about their connection or inflection (replacing the glass = replaced all glasses)

With efTwo (F2) Advanced find on Page you can easily skim through a page: just open up your new search box

Big Daddy Chrome extension download
Big Daddy Big Daddy finds any mention of the word 'data' and replaces it with the superior word 'daddy'.

Big Daddy does this thing ^

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