Top Best 7 Find And Replace Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions For Find And Replace

These find and replace chrome extensions are used to find text in the Google Chrome browser when you are working on your blog, email, Google documents, Google sheets, or any other text-based Websites.

Find and replace with the basic functionality of any application when you are using either Windows or Mac os. When you are working with a Word document or text document it is very easy to find and replace or search and replace in the text. similarly when you are working with Google Chrome the find and replace functionality is tricky and difficult to perform. Browsers, of course, are used to look around the web. This is not a text editor. For this reason, it is uncommon to find text editing tools such as "Find and Replace Text" in browsers. Although, in some cases, you may want to substitute words that appear multiple times when writing a blog post, making a remark, composing emails, or moderating a forum. When “Find and Replace Text” is called for, this is where you want to use it. Let's explore how to implement a new feature that includes the ability to find and replace within Google Chrome.

Below are some Chrome extensions that are used for find and replace operations in Google Chrome. 

FindR Chrome extension download
FindR A find and replace bar for Google Chrome

FindR is a handy extension that does exactly what the name implies: it finds and replaces words, allowing you to completely

Easy Replace Chrome extension download
Easy Replace Search/find and replace text inside browser without leaving it.

Unfortunately, browsers dont have built-in search and replace tool so you either copy text in another text editor and replace there

Find Replace Chrome extension download
Find Replace A simple find and replace extension.

A simple find replace extension

Multiple-word Find and Replace Chrome extension download
Multiple-word Find and Replace web multiple-word find and replace, modify at

Most useful for: -working on web projects -quickly switching text content on a page -censorship of image files containing certain strings -censorship of webpages containing

Random Replace Chrome extension download
Random Replace Find and replace text on webpages. Simply highlight a word, right click, select "Replace Randomly", and watch.

If youre bored, just highlight a word, right click, and choose "Replace Randomly".The extension will get the title of a random

AJAX to Francis Chrome extension download
AJAX to Francis Yet another silly find and replace - AJAX is given it's proper name.

This is a chrome extension that replaces all instances of "AJAX" to "Francis", its real, and passionately shameful name.

Google chrome extensions Download

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