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Chrome Extensions For Instagram Followers

Here's a list of my  favourite Instagram Chrome extension helper tools that can help you boost your Instagram experience and up your game! Instagram Helpers, such as the Pool EverLiker App for Instagram and the Direct Instagram Downloader for Chrome,   WeFind's Wolf Global - Auto Liker , Social Media Analytics.


Instagram has been a powerful force in the social media industry for a long time and shows no signs of slowing down this year. We created this article to show you how to use some free Instagram resources that have been changing the game recently, and how you can use them to improve your Instagram game in 2021!

Please keep in mind that while these tools can save you time, they aren't magic and won't benefit you much unless you pair them with a solid content strategy. The old "spray and pray" method rarely works anymore in any form of social media, as algorithms get smarter every day.


The use of google chrome extensions is one of the best things we've seen recently when it comes to free instagram software. Since they only work with the instagram desktop website, these tools are considered "secure." Apps that use instagram's API or other methods of communicating with the app can cause your account to be flagged and get you into trouble with Instagram.


There are some threats associated with instagram automation. If you violate instagram's rules, you risk getting your account "shadowbanned" or "action blocked" by the platform.

If Instagram has reason to think you are breaking their terms and conditions, they will shadowban your account. This includes using Instagram bots, using banned hashtags, having your account flagged as spam often, or exceeding a regular quota of liking and commenting on posts or following accounts.

Instagram will restrict your participation and prevent you from following accounts or liking posts for an indefinite period of time if your account is shadowbanned. When this happens, only your followers can see your tweets, and they will not appear in hashtags.

For Instagram accounts, there is a "trust ranking." users cannot see this confidence ranking, but Instagram keeps track of accounts. If you use shady third-party apps on your account, have multiple login attempts from odd places, or your account is frequently action disabled, your confidence score will drop, and Instagram will scrutinize your account further as you try to automate.

There is no set number of acts that you can complete in a day. It's possible to do too much in a day and have your account activity blocked, particularly now that there are some powerful Instagram automation tools out there (like the ones presented in this article).

Accounts that have been "warmed up," or those that have been using automation for a while, are able to like and follow more users before being action blocked than new accounts. You won't be able to follow or like any posts for a while if you're action blocked. It's not enjoyable! It completely defeats the intent of Instagram, and it's something we want to stop at all costs.

We can't promise that these tools will always work and be secure because Instagram is constantly changing its algorithm and trying to fight spam. However, some of these extensions are currently in use by us and have proven to be secure for our Instagram account. Most of these tools communicate with your account via instagram's desktop website, and they have settings to make the automation appear "normal."

Like Roller Chrome extension download
Like Roller Get free Instagram followers with this extension that acts like an Instagram like bot.

It clicks the "like" button on an instagram post, waits a few seconds, then clicks the next button and repeats the ...

InstaFollowersCount Chrome extension download
InstaFollowersCount Shows you the expanded count of Instagram followers

instagram shortens the followers count of a user once user has crossed 10,000 follower to 10K.From there on this number only ...

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