Top Best 8 Telegram Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions For Telegram

these chrome extensions will help you in managing the telegram account from the chrome browser.

In our roundup of the best WhatsApp alternatives for your windows pc, Telegram and Signal are two of the best encrypted messaging applications available. They both have the same aim in the end — getting the message out without someone else seeing it — but there are enough gaps between them that you might use both. In any case, to get you started, we've put together this crash course on how to use Telegram and Signal on your PC.

How to Install Telegram on Your Computer

Telegram is compatible with almost any major operating system, including Windows 10. Unfortunately, it does not allow video chatting, but it does support messaging across all devices at the same time, which is critical when using it on several platforms, such as a PC and a phone. Without a laptop nearby, you can get up from your desk and begin a conversation. When texting isn't enough, voice calls are also provided.

Create groups of hundreds of thousands of members, exchange files, send self-erasing messages, and have all contact, except community voice chats, encrypted from end to end. The best thing about it? Telegram is completely free to use.

Telegram has a mobile edition that can be used in a browser without the need to install any software, as well as Edge and Chrome plugins. The web versions of Telegram, on the other hand, are not the easiest way to use the service.

How to use the telegram chrome extensions? 

Simply select the chrome extension from this list and install the Telegram chrome extension in the chrome browser and telegram asks for the authentication for the browser. then follow the process to use your telegram account. 

Multi Chat - Messenger for WhatsApp Chrome extension download
Multi Chat - Messenger for WhatsApp Open WhatsApp and other popular messengers on desktop easily and get access to all your chats. Telegram Line and others

Welcome to Multi Chat. Extension that allows you to read and communicate in all popular messengers in one place. The Multi Chat app

Telegram Chrome extension download
Telegram Telegram Web App. More info & source code here:

The Telegram web-client is a free, fast and secure way to enjoy most of Telegrams features right in your web-browser. It is

Enhancer for Telegram™ Chrome extension download
Enhancer for Telegram™ Easy access to Telegram web with enhancing and privacy features.

Enhancer for Telegram™ is an extension that enables you to get more from the Telegram web interface. Important note: Enhancer for

Dark theme for Telegram's Web version Chrome extension download
Dark theme for Telegram's Web version The extension provides a dark theme for Telegram's Web version

It only modifies some default Telegram CSS styles, so you shouldnt worry about any malicious JS. Feel free to post your suggestions

TG Sender - TG bulk message send and invite Chrome extension download
TG Sender - TG bulk message send and invite Scrape Telegram group members and send bulk message, invite bulk members automatically on Telegram

This Chrome extension helps you scrape any group members, send messages to many people, and add members to Group automatically. Use

SendMe Telegram Chrome extension download
SendMe Telegram Allows you to send links, images, maps, quotes from browser to your Telegram via bot.

Extension allow to send any links, images and text to Telegram directly from your web browser! Whats new in 0.3.0: - no more

Telegram Group and Channel Search Tool Chrome extension download
Telegram Group and Channel Search Tool This tool helps you search Telegram groups and channels to join, let's find the best Telegram channels link or groups links.

This extension is a free searcher tool. You can find groups whatever you want by enter a keyword on this extension.

TG Web - Use TG on Windows/Mac Chrome extension download
TG Web - Use TG on Windows/Mac Telegram Web is a web version of Telegram messenger on desktop browser. telegram for web apply to windows and Mac Pc.

Telegram Web is a web-based version of messenger on any desktop browser. it apply to windows and Mac Pc. The extension

Telegram Groups Chrome extension download
Telegram Groups Telegram Groups

Discover 100K+ Telegram Channels, Groups and bots easily. List one of your own Telegram join link for free in Telegram group.

Telegram Share Chrome extension download
Telegram Share Share the current page via Telegram messenger in just one click

This extension allows you to share any webpage, youtube video etc. to your Telegram contacts with one click! Works with Telegram Desktop

Telegram Messenger (Pin Tab) Chrome extension download
Telegram Messenger (Pin Tab) Switch to Telegram Messenger (Pin Tab) with a single click or a Hot Key (Alt+3)!

FEATURES - No need to enter your credentials. - Single click to access your Telegram chats, groups and channels. - Cross-platform (Windows, Linux, MacOS

Telegram Desktop - Telegram Online Messenger Chrome extension download
Telegram Desktop - Telegram Online Messenger Launching Telegram from your browser in a popup and get notifications when new messages received.

Telegram Desktop provides the easiest way to check Telegram from your browser. Just click the icon on the toolbar, the telegram

wildberries track & history Chrome extension download
wildberries track & history График и отслеживание цен на wildberries с уведомлениями в telegram и браузере

Возможности: 1️⃣ Уведомляет, когда цена ниже заданной и товар в наличии. ➤ В расширении. Обновляется каждые в 5 минут, если браузер работает. ➤

Telegram Browser Chrome extension download
Telegram Browser Access to to the official Telegram (web version) in a stand-alone window.

Our extension Telegram for Chrome is one of the most famous social networks today. With it, you can easily communicate

TradingView Alerts Chrome extension download
TradingView Alerts Sends alerts into Telegram/Discord/MT4/MT5/FXTS2 as orders, alerts or channel posts

Sends alerts into: - Telegram and Discord account, channel or a group/chat; - MetaTrder 4, MetaTrader 5, FXTS2 (experimental feature). Sends alerts

Share via Telegram Chrome extension download
Share via Telegram Allows to share current page via Telegram messenger in just one click

This extension allows you to share URL of the current page or selected text/link/image to the Telegram app. Reading your browsing history

Telegram and Jabber, XMPP Messenger Chrome extension download
Telegram and Jabber, XMPP Messenger It enables you to access Telegram directly from your browser. and provides web based XMPP/Jabber Instant Messaging Client.

*Telegram Client This Telegram client enables you to access Telegram directly from your browser. *XMPP/Jabber Instant Messaging Client It allows you to add chat

MaTerialgram Chrome extension download
MaTerialgram Experience Telegram with the new Material Design, dark and light, clean and simple

This project is inspired by the recently redesign of Android Message Web. Aims to redesign Telgram web while following the new

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