Top Best 8 Telegram Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions For Telegram

these chrome extensions will help you in managing the telegram account from the chrome browser.

In our roundup of the best WhatsApp alternatives for your windows pc, Telegram and Signal are two of the best encrypted messaging applications available. They both have the same aim in the end — getting the message out without someone else seeing it — but there are enough gaps between them that you might use both. In any case, to get you started, we've put together this crash course on how to use Telegram and Signal on your PC.

How to Install Telegram on Your Computer

Telegram is compatible with almost any major operating system, including Windows 10. Unfortunately, it does not allow video chatting, but it does support messaging across all devices at the same time, which is critical when using it on several platforms, such as a PC and a phone. Without a laptop nearby, you can get up from your desk and begin a conversation. When texting isn't enough, voice calls are also provided.

Create groups of hundreds of thousands of members, exchange files, send self-erasing messages, and have all contact, except community voice chats, encrypted from end to end. The best thing about it? Telegram is completely free to use.

Telegram has a mobile edition that can be used in a browser without the need to install any software, as well as Edge and Chrome plugins. The web versions of Telegram, on the other hand, are not the easiest way to use the service.

How to use the telegram chrome extensions? 

Simply select the chrome extension from this list and install the Telegram chrome extension in the chrome browser and telegram asks for the authentication for the browser. then follow the process to use your telegram account. 

Infozzy: Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Skype Chrome extension download
Infozzy: Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Skype New default tab with access to popular messengers (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Hangouts, WeChat, Telegram, Slack, VK)

Talk in messenger apps and browse through social media from your default chrome tab.This extension supports: facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Hangouts,

SendMe Telegram Chrome extension download
SendMe Telegram Allows you to send links, images, maps, quotes from browser to your Telegram via bot.

Extension allow to send any links, images and text to Telegram directly from your web browser! What's new in 0.3.0: - no more

Telegram Share Chrome extension download
Telegram Share Share the current page via Telegram messenger in just one click

This extension allows you to share any webpage, youtube video etc. to your Telegram contacts with one click! Works with Telegram Desktop

Save Telegram Chat History Chrome extension download
Save Telegram Chat History Dumps your Telegram chat history with an active peer to plaintext.

Perhaps, many of us use and like telegram messenger for conversations with friends.However, we were a bit disappointed by the absence

Share via Telegram Chrome extension download
Share via Telegram Allows to share current page via Telegram messenger in just one click

This extension allows you to share URL of the current page or selected text/link/image to the Telegram Desktop app. 'Reading your browsing

Telegram button Chrome extension download
Telegram button Fast access to your Telegram chats.

fast access to your telegram chats.

Save To Phone Chrome extension download
Save To Phone Save your links, text or images to Telegram messenger

Save your links, text or images to telegram messenger

Mobogram IM Chrome extension download
Mobogram IM Telegram Popup for your modern browser with translate text and text to PDF

An useful messaging web app (popup panel in browser) with HTML5 notifications and web storage based on telegram web api.Why this

Google chrome extensions Download

We collect the latest most useful Google chrome extension from Google chrome Extensions directory . You can download Chrome extensions directly from here.

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