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XPath discovery is a common activity for web developers and Selenium testers. However, finding XPath rapidly is challenging, and as a result, the process is time-consuming. Here are the Chrom extensions for quickly finding XPath.

How can I locate XPath in Selenium? It's a frequent issue that every test automation developer who uses Selenium for web testing faces. As a result, we selected the seven most relevant Chrome extensions to assist you in finding XPath in Selenium.

The most powerful method for finding the locations of elements on a web page is XPath. It's also the ideal locator approach for finding items that are highly dynamic and fragile. As a result, learning how to generate custom XPath expressions becomes an unavoidable requirement for every test automation developer.

The syntax of XPath is extremely extensible. It also supports regular expressions, array-like indexing of elements, and functions. As a result, learning to create XPath is a constant process that you master over time.

The Chrome browser, on the other hand, includes a number of addons that can assist in identifying the XPath of web items. It's a little easier to produce XPaths using these ready-made Chrome extensions. In this piece, we will provide seven such extensions that our team has determined to be the most useful for locating XPath in Selenium.

Note: If you want to learn XPath in-depth, check out the tutorials listed below. After reviewing the list of Chrome extensions, you can return to these posts.

Are you having difficulty locating XPath in Selenium? You are, however, not alone! This is one of the most prevalent issues that most developers encounter while using Selenium for web testing. But that is no longer the case, as we have selected ten of the greatest Chrome extensions to help you locate XPath in Selenium.

Before we begin, we believe it is necessary to define XPath in Selenium.

XPath is a popular method for finding WebElement positions in Selenium. You may locate items that are highly dynamic and fragile using XPath expressions. When performing automated testing on any web application, the first step is to identify the WebElements and the actions to be executed on them.

We've got you covered if you're wondering how to use XPath in Selenium! Find a detailed guide to using XPath in Selenium with examples on our blog.

To identify the WebElement on the web page, Selenium supports eight distinct locators. Id, name, className, linkText, partialLinkText, tagName, xpath, and cssSelector are some of them.

However, finding the XPath of WebElements in Selenium while performing cross-browser testing may be difficult for developers. For example, the element could be missing an id, name, or className. In such circumstances, you could locate the WebElement using XPath or a CSS selector. You may speed up the process of obtaining XPath of web items by using Chrome extensions.

in this article, I compiled the list of ten Chrome addons for finding Xpath in Selenium. To begin, consider some of the advantages of utilizing XPath.

The Benefits of Using XPath to Find a WebElement

The use of a locator to locate an element on a webpage is dependent on the DOM's complexity (Document Object Model). The following are five advantages of using XPath as the locator in Selenium to capture an element on a webpage:

The DOM can be traversed either vertically or downwards using XPath locators.

It aids in locating components on a webpage using text.

It aids in the location of the elements by establishing the relationship between the parent, child, and descendant nodes.

If there are several matches, this method finds the specific element by specifying the location of the element.

Identifies and locates any element in the DOM.

XPath Helper Chrome extension download
XPath Helper Extract, edit, and evaluate XPath queries with ease.

xpath helper makes it easy to extract, edit, and evaluate xpath queries on any webpage.IMPORTANT: After installing this extension, you must

XPath Chrome extension download
XPath Get XPath of element on click. It shows multiple versions of XPath & CSS Path to pick and choose the one that fit individual needs

Get XPath of element on click.It shows multiple versions of XPath & CSS Path to pick and choose the one that

CSS and XPath checker Chrome extension download
CSS and XPath checker A helper tool for to confirm CSS and XPath selector.

This tool helps to check css and xpath selector.It displays elements which specified by selector with highlight.

Xpath Finder Chrome extension download
Xpath Finder Find Elements According To Xpath In Chrome DevTools.

An Extension For google chrome which helps you to find elements match your xpath.* It marks the matching elements with highlighted

XPather Chrome extension download
XPather Chrome extension for XPath operations on current document, reliable and easy to use with fully featured XPath 2.0 support.

Features - search by evaluating XPath (so forget about not working expressions!)- instant result highlighting - matched nodes content available

CustomBlocker Chrome extension download
CustomBlocker Filter any element on any web site with any condition with XPath and RegExp

CustomBlocker allows you create filters freely.For example, you can.... * Block tweets with specific hashtags, URL or keywords on

XPath Helper Wizard Chrome extension download
XPath Helper Wizard Create XPath queries select similar elements and visualize the results.

xpath helper plus creates xpaths that are short and less likely to break if the website changes.If parent xpath field contains

xPath Analyzer Chrome extension download
xPath Analyzer xPath Analyzer allows to evaluate xPath/XSLT expressions against the XML of the current browser tab.

google chrome extension that allows to evaluate xpath expressions against the XML available at a given URL.xPath Analyzer has not other

OSpy Chrome extension download
OSpy Object Spy, This is a support tool for web testing or information retrieving , - Gives different possible XPATH combinations of…

Object Spy, This is a support tool for web testing or information retrieving , - gives different possible xpath

Relative XPath Helper Chrome extension download
Relative XPath Helper Woohoo, just right click on the first and second element to get the relative xpath. Have Fun!!

A simple extension for finding out relative xpath expression of two web elements.Just right click on the elements you want to

xPath Finder Chrome extension download
xPath Finder help you easily extract, edit, and evaluate xPath In DevTools. 1. First, you need open developer tools panel (Press F12) 2. Then…

help you easily extract, edit, and evaluate xpath In DevTools.1.First, you need open developer tools panel (Press F12) 2.Then you will

xPath Wrap Chrome extension download
xPath Wrap Enter xPaths and wrap them in a border so you can visualize selections

enter xpaths and wrap them in a border so you can visualize selections

js Encoder Chrome extension download
js Encoder A developer tool include html escape/unescape, url, base64, NCR encoder/decoder, XPath tester and CSS compresser

A tool for developer.html encoder/decoder: escape tag and whitespace.url encoder/decoder: convertion of url.Base64 encoder/decoder: convertion of base 64.ncr encoder/decoder: convertion of

RexPath Chrome extension download
RexPath King of the xPath generators!

Right-click an element to generate a variety of custom xpaths.Use the query builder to build a new xpath by clicking on

Encreo UI Spy Chrome extension download
Encreo UI Spy A chrome extension for Selenium WebDriver users to generate XPath, CSS Selector for web elements.

A chrome extension to generate locators for browser automation done using Open source tools like WebDriver.encreo ui spy helps you generating

XPath tool Chrome extension download
XPath tool XPath tool

Xpath Tool ctrl+shift+X shift Hit Ctrl-Shift-X on the page to open the xpath tool console.Hold down

ABcrawler Picker Chrome extension download
ABcrawler Picker LG CNS? Crawler ???? ABcrawler ??? ?? xpath? url, text? ???? .abc??? ????? ???????. ------------------------- v1.2.1 Ctrl +…

LG CNS Crawler ABcrawler xpath url, text .abc .------------------------- v1.2.1 ctrl + Shift +

Scrape Builder Free 0.1 Chrome extension download
Scrape Builder Free 0.1 Smartest way to get the best CSS Selectors and XPath.

This tool is a freebie that will help you get css selectors and the most reliable xpath in a magical and

XPATH Builder Chrome extension download
XPATH Builder Toggle active state by clicking the extention icon. Then click on the DOM element and you get JS prompt with XPATH expression in it.

xpath builder is extension for building xpath expressions as the name suggest.Here is how it works: 1) You install it

generate Xpath Chrome extension download
generate Xpath Generate unique Xpath for a DOM element

The main purpose of this extension is to generate a unique Xpath-for a given html dom element.It may so happen

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