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Acunetix Secure WordPress Download for wordpress you need atleast PHP version and 3.0.4 wordpress version to install and active the Wp plugin. Before going to Download Acunetix Secure WordPress for wordpress ensure that you have installed atleast older wordpress version It is tested with the wordpress version.This Plugin supported Languages are .

Download Acunetix Secure WordPress Wordpress plugin to install in your Wordpress blog Manually. This Acunetix Secure WordPress is used to Scans your WordPress installation for security vulnerabilities.


Note:Acunetix Secure WordPress Wordpress plugin download is the Direct download link. you can also check the Acunetix Secure WordPress in Wordpress plugin repository and download Acunetix Secure WordPress latest version Wordpress plugin

Download Acunetix Secure WordPress from Wordpress Directory

Acunetix Secure WordPress Wordpress plugin Download

Installation Instructions

  • Make a backup of your current installation
  • Unpack the downloaded package
  • Upload the extracted files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

If you encounter any bugs

visit the

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Can I deactivate Acunetix Secure WordPress once I’ve run it once?

No. Acunetix Secure WordPress needs to be left activated to work. Version hiding

How do I change the file permissions on my WordPress installation?

From the Linux command line (for advanced users)

Why do I need to hide my version of WordPress?

Many attackers and automated tools will try and determine software versions
before launching exploit code. Removing your WordPress blog version may
discourage some attackers and certainly will mitigate virus and malware programs
that rely on software versions.

For more information on the Acunetix Secure WordPress plug-in and other WordPress security news

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