VideopackWordpress Plugin download

Videopack Download for wordpress you need atleast 5.6.0 or higher PHP version and 4.7.5 wordpress version to install and active the Wp plugin. Before going to Download Videopack for wordpress ensure that you have installed atleast 6.0.3 latest wordpress version It is tested with the 6.0.3 wordpress version.This Plugin supported Languages are .

Download Videopack Wordpress plugin to install in your Wordpress blog Manually. This Videopack is used to Makes video thumbnails, allows resolution switching, and embeds responsive self-hosted videos and galleries.


Note:Videopack Wordpress plugin download is the Direct download link. you can also check the Videopack in Wordpress plugin repository and download Videopack latest version Wordpress plugin

Download Videopack from Wordpress Directory

Videopack Wordpress plugin Download

Why doesn’t my video play?

Most of the time your video doesn’t play because it’s not encoded in the right format. Videos have containers like mp4

and if you don’t use AAC audio you won’t get any audio. I highly recommend using

// rel=nofollow ugc>Handbrake to make a file with H.264 video and AAC audio in an MP4 container.


Why does my video have to download completely before it starts playing?

mp4/m4v/mov files have something called a moov atom that gives the video player information about the content of the video (dimensions

there are programs designed to move the moov atom to the head of the file. Try

// rel=nofollow ugc>QTIndexSwapper for Adobe Air (cross platform)

// rel=nofollow ugc>MP4 Faststart for Windows


// rel=nofollow ugc>QTFastStart for Mac.

FFMPEG puts the moov atom at the end of the file

Why doesn’t this work with YouTube?

WordPress already has a built-in system for embedding videos from YouTube

Why can’t I make thumbnails?

If you’re like most users and don’t have FFMPEG installed on your server

the plugin relies on your browser’s built-in ability to play videos. Google Chrome is best when making thumbnails because it supports the most formats. Wikipedia has

// rel=nofollow ugc>a great chart that explains which browsers work with which video formats.

How can I change the watermark’s size or position?

The watermark option is a simple image overlay and is styled using CSS. The default styling is

.kgvid_watermark img {

try something like .kgvid_watermark img { max-width

20%; }

If you want to put it in the upper left instead of the lower right

try something like this

.kgvid_watermark img {

but video thumbnail generation and Mobile/HTML5 video encoding is not possible without FFMPEG.

This plugin can use FFMPEG or LIBAV to make thumbnails and create alternate video formats. Unfortunately most servers don’t have FFMPEG installed and most shared hosting plans don’t allow you to install FFMPEG because of the system resources it requires. You’re getting this error message because you don’t have FFMPEG installed in the most common directory. If you know you have FFMPEG installed on your server

How can I encode videos in directories protected by .htaccess passwords?

Enter the username & password in the plugin settings “FFMPEG Settings” tab

or use the “Embed from URL” tab and enter the URL in this format http


Videopack Added Wordpress Plugins Aternatives

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