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  • Minimum WordPress Version Required:
    Wordpress 4.0.0 or higher
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    WordPress 4.6.1
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    Requires: 4.0.0 or higher Compatible up to: 4.6.1 Last Updated: 1 month ago
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Affiliates wordpress plugin Download

Affiliates WordPress Plugin overview

Affiliates Wordpress Plugin is used to The Affiliates system provides powerful tools to maintain an Affiliate Marketing Program..

The Affiliates system provides powerful tools to maintain an Affiliate Marketing Program.

Important features include automated affiliate registration, an unlimited affiliate management section and the ability to integrate Affiliates with virtually any E-Commerce platform. Commissions on referred users are built in, free and premium integrations with e-commerce systems are available.

The Affiliates plugin provides an affiliate system for sellers, shops, and membership sites who want to get started with their affiliate program right "out of the box".

It also provides a solid framework for developers, who wish to build customized solutions based on a sound data model. With unlimited affiliate program management tools available on the back end and a set of shortcodes to provide Affiliates information on their performance on the front end, there is everything you need to start an affiliate program.

To manage an Affiliate Marketing or Partner Referral Program and track visits to your site with affiliate links, the Affiliates plugin is a powerful solution.

Simply put, the affiliates plugin is used to manage affiliates, create referrals and track visits to your site through affiliate links. Referrals are stored and attributed to an affiliate, for example if clients place orders on your site and you need to credit your affiliates. You can show your affiliates how well they perform, by embedding simple shortcodes on a page.


To use Affiliates together with an e-commerce plugin, you also need to install the appropriate integration plugin. Available free e-commerce integrations include WooCommerce, Jigoshop, WP e-Commerce, Ecwid, eShop. To grant commissions based on forms and track leads you can use Contact Form 7.

Premium Integrations

Affiliates Pro adds Pay per Click commissions and provides access to advanced integrations with WooCommerce, Jigoshop, TheCartPress, WP e-Commerce, eShop, Ecwid, PayPal and Events Manager to grant commissions on bookings.

The integrations with social sharing platforms AddToAny and AddThis make it easy for affiliates to share their links.

Integrations with popular forms plugins include Is there an option to create an Affiliate Area? You can let Affiliates generate an Affiliate Area page for you. Go to Affiliates > Settings > Pages and press the Generate button. You will find a new page titled Affiliate Area on your site which includes a login form, affiliate registration form, information about an affiliate's performance and the affiliate's link as well as a link to log out at the end of the page. You can edit this page and adjust it according to your preferences. How can I show affiliates their affiliate link? Note: You can create a page and embed a shortcode manually, or you can create an Affiliate Area as outlined above. Embed this shortcode on a page: [affiliates_url] This will render a link to your site with the affiliate ID appended. If you want to link to a certain page, you can use this shortcode: [affiliates_url][/affiliates_url] If you want to show how a link would look like, you can use the shortcode within HTML as well, for example: [affiliates_url] Remember to use HTML entities for < and >. How can I show affiliates information about their performance? Detailed information on this is available on the Affiliates Documentation pages. Note: You can create a page and embed a shortcode manually, or you can have the plugin create an Affiliate Area for you. The number of hits on an affiliate's link can be shown with the [affiliates_hits] shortcode. The number of visits on an affiliate's link can be shown with the [affiliates_visits] shortcode. Your affiliates will want to know how much they will and have earned and how many referrals they have made. Use the [affiliates_referrals] shortcode to show how many referrals an affiliate has made and how much the affiliate has earned. The [affiliates_referrals] shortcode will show the total number of referrals that have been accepted or closed for the affiliate. To show the number of referrals for an affiliate by status, embed it like this: Examples: Accepted referrals: [affiliates_referrals status="accepted"] Closed referrals: [affiliates_referrals status="closed"] Pending referrals: [affiliates_referrals status="pending"] Rejected referrals: [affiliates_referrals status="rejected"] If you add the show="total" attribute to that shortcode, it will make a list of earnings by currency: Examples: Total amount for paid and unpaid referrals: [affiliates_referrals show="total"] Total for unpaid referrals: [affiliates_referrals show="total" status="accepted"] Total for paid referrals: [affiliates_referrals show="total" status="closed"] Total for referrals pending approval: [affiliates_referrals show="total" status="pending"] Total for rejected referrals: [affiliates_referrals show="total" status="rejected"] Is it possible to show content for affiliates or non-affiliates only? Embed the content that you want to show to affiliates like this: [affiliates_is_affiliate] This is visible to affiliates who are logged in only. [/affiliates_is_affiliate] For content to show to non-affiliates use this: [affiliates_is_not_affiliate] You can see this if you are not logged in as an affiliate. [/affiliates_is_not_affiliate] Can we generate affiliate links for our partners? Yes. Affiliate links are available for registered affiliates and they can see them in the Affiliate Area. You can also customize these and let them link to any page on your site. Can we track visits to our site through our partners' sites? Yes. The Affiliates system tracks visits via affiliate links to any page on your site. It also allows to track referred user registrations and order, while recording related commissions through referrals and transaction data. Can we register commissions manually? Yes. Commissions are registered manually via the Referrals section in the Affiliates menu. Can we grant commissions when affiliates refer new users? Yes. The built-in user registration integration allows to grant commissions for new user sign-ups. Can we reco;

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