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Anti-AdBlock Wordpress Plugin Free download

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  • Minimum WordPress Version Required:
    Wordpress 2.7 or higher
  • WordPress version Compatible Upto
    WordPress 2.9.2
  • Active Installs
    Requires: 2.7 or higher Compatible up to: 2.9.2 Last Updated: 6 years ago
  • Plugin Total downloads:
    8.2K +

Anti-AdBlock WordPress Plugin overview

Anti-AdBlock Wordpress Plugin is used to This plugin displays a notification message to visitors with AdBlock on, humbly asking them to turn it off..

This plugin detects if a regular visitor to your blog (10 visits by default) has AdBlock software enabled. If so, it will display a floating notification message on the 11th visit to your visitor. You can set this message to humbly ask your loyal visitor to support your blog by turning off their AdBlock software, by making a small donation, or by writing about your blog (be creative!). By default, this message box will never show up again for that visitor.

The default message displayed is ugly! Can I change the way it looks? Yes! You can modify the notification CSS in the plugin settings page. I can't get it to work! I'm frustrated! Please take a look at some documentation on the plugin page to see if any of them can help you. If not, feel free to post your issues on the appropriate plugin support forum. I will try my best to help you resolve any issues that you are having.;

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Anti-AdBlock Wordpress Plugin free download

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