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WebDefender Security – Protection & AntiSpamWordpress Plugin Free download

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WebDefender Security – Protection & AntiSpam WordPress Plugin overview

pro security – antivirus scanner, 2-layer protection hide security, brute force security & Antispam, Security Website and Security Hardening..

A professional security protection plugin for WP

The WebDefender was developed by a team of security experts and it incorporates professional security tools for the best all around wordpress website protection and prevention of threats. includes gdpr compline module.

  • Smart Protection / website hide function (prevent hacker attack / Security) / Anti-Spam Protection / brute force bot attack prevention / Smart Firewall
  • Detection / Antivirus Scanner / Database Malware / Adware, Spyware, Spam Links
  • Diagnostic / Vulnerabilities Detection / Blacklist Monitoring
  • Built-in malware removal tool / Security Cleaning Tool
  • security hardening ..hosting hardening check / Automatic Updating Function
  • GDPR Tools / gdpr compliance function

All of these solution make the WebDefender one of the best all around security protection tools for your WordPress resource.

The WebDefender offers the following tools and protection measures

Primary Protection Function

Website Hide function that hides your WP site from crawlers spiders and bots.

  • Hides website from bots, hides the core wp website components, plugins and themes.
  • fully automatic encryption of your website components.
  • coding website without use of the .htaccess file.
  • one click installation.

Security Protection Functions

  • Smart Firewall that detects and blocks bot traffic. This is a perfect and powerful prevention tool.
  • Anti-Bot Protection – Monitors web traffic, filters out, and blocks bad bot traffic to a website.
  • Anti-SPAM Protection – Automatic detection of all comments insert by bots and their filtration.
  • Brute Force Bot Attack Prevention – Bots detection system to prevent attempts to crack a password (login security).

antivirus security scanner

  • A professional Antivirus Scanner that will scan your website from external threats. Designed to detect adware and malware, backdoors, exploits, phishing code, trojans and viruses, include built-in malware removal tool.
  • database malware scanning – A unique ability of our algorithm is scanning the website’s database. This function crucial as more and more hackers use sql injection to infect the websites with malware.
  • Adware, Spyware and spam links detection – Protect you website from attached code attacks.
  • Vulnerabilities Detection – Plugins and themes security vulnerabilities, SQL, XSS injections, vulnerable and insecure scripts.
  • Blacklist Monitoring – Check your website reputation.

Security Hardening

  • Updater – an automatic functional tool for updating your wordpress core versions, plugins and themes.
  • Hardening – Detect the hosting configuration security parameter.

Malware Removal Tool

Built-in file viewer and editor is an easy to use security cleaning tool for the removal of infected codes or its part depending on the type of infection.

GDPR Compliance Features

  • GDPR Consent management
  • Cookies and data collection privacy management
  • User data management
  • Privacy information should we provide to user
  • Personal data breaches

Companies that collect data on citizens in European Union (EU) countries will need to comply with strict new rules around protecting customer data by May 25, 2018. The general data protection regulation (GDPR) is expected to set a new standard for consumer rights regarding their data, but companies will be challenged as they put systems and processes in place to comply.

Compliance will cause some concerns and new expectations of security teams. For example, the GDPR takes a wide view of what constitutes personal identification information. Companies will need the same level of protection for things like an individual’s IP address or cookie data as they do for name, address and social security number.

This plugin is meant to assist a Controller, Data Processor, and data protection officer (DPO) with efforts to meet the obligations and rights enacted under the GDPR.

NOTE: Installing this plugin does not guarantee a full compliment with the GDPR. Please contact a GDPR consultant or a law firm to assess the necessary measures.

Technical Description

Hide Function – Perfect Security and Protection solution

A passive security mechanism for hack protection against crawlers spiders and bots. A fullprof function – one click and your website will become hidden from bots.

The hider algorithm encrypts all layers of a website, thus hiding it from hackers by making existing vulnerabilities and other security risks invisible when searched and does not require manual configuration. Our encoding algorithm does not use the .htaccess file therefore there is no disruption to the operation of your website. This function will make your wordpress website totally invisible! A crucial step in improving your website security.

Smart Protection

A web application firewall filters, monitors, and blocks bad bot traffic to a website. It is deployed in “front” of a website and analyzes traffic – detecting and blocking anything malicious.


WebDefender includes a unique automatic algorithm for diagnosing the text entered on your website (forum, forms, comments and etc,) where made by a human or a bot. Bots won’t be allowed to enter text on your website. This is a unique algorithm, providing a unique solution to our clients.

The crisis is a time when almost every site is faced with a flurry of unwanted emails from reverse forms, posts and comments. robots literally attack corporate e-mails, because of which sometimes valuable applications can be missed. But putting a captcha on the site you risk losing customer loyalty, as poorly readable images annoy 90% of users. Therefore, we offer a solution developed by WEbdefender specialists to protect the site from spam robots .

Brute Force Attack Protection

Hackers frequently use automatic bot systems to Brute force a website. Our algorithm detects those bots and prevents attempts of a password crack.

The “WebDefender” Antivirus Scanner

The builtin professional and multi-functional antivirus scanner offers top of the line security features and advanced functions for viruses and vulnerabilities detection. The scanner incorporates a user friendly malware removal tool. The diagnostic is performed by using a known database of virus signatures as well as Cobweb-Security’s Heuristic algorithm that can detected previously unknown virus signatures and zero-day vulnerabilities thus providing enterprise-level security capabilities.

WebDefender Antivirus Features

  • Virus and malware antivirus scanner
  • Database security scanning (exclusive function)
  • zip file scanning (exclusive function)
  • Adware, Spyware and SPAM links detection
  • Powerful and easy to use malware removal tool
  • Security hardening analytics and recommendations
  • Real-time malware signature updates (Professional or Premium)
  • Scanner scheduler’s settings (Professional or Premium)

Database Malware Scanning

An unique ability of our algorithm is scanning the website’s database. This function crucial as more and more hackers use SQL injection to infect the websites with malware.

Adware, Spyware and SPAM links detection

The webdefender scanner successfully detects:

  • SEO & SPAM links
  • Doorway pages (SEO)
  • iFrame injections
  • Black-hat SEO infections

Vulnerabilities Detection

One of the most important parts of your website security and protection is a well-timed analysis for plugin, CMS and database vulnerabilities. These security vulnerabilities are an easy way for a hacker to crawl into your website. That’s why a well-timed diagnosis and update are vital for hardening the protection of the website.

Our security scanner is able to find:

  • Plugins and themes vulnerabilities
  • SQL, XSS malicious injections

Blacklist Monitoring

The WebDefenders’ Blacklist Monitoring scanner checks IP addresses and website domains in the 10 most popular security blacklists and safe browsing databases.

Real-time blacklists or blackhole lists – also called dns-based blackhole lists – are lists of ip addresses published through DNS. Often there are listed computers or networks that may spam or consist malware in such lists. many secure corporate mail servers are configured to reject or flag messages which have been sent from ip addresses listed in one of these security blacklists.

leading email systems like gmail, Yahoo and hotmail also use security blacklists to filter emails by addresses. If your network’s ip addresses end up in a blacklist, you and your customers can experience problems sending and receiving emails. It can significantly damage your business.

webdefender blacklist monitoring scanner will automatically alert you if your website addresses or domains become listed in any of the widely used url blacklists.

The updater – wp core, plugin and theme automatic update

The importance of using the latest updated version of the WP core, plugins and themes is understandable to everyone and not only for the increase in functionality but in no small degree for the security of the website.

To make it easier to keep track of update releases for WordPress Core, plugins and themes and installing them automatically, CobWeb-Security has introduced the Security Updater to the functionality of the WebDefender plugin.

The Updater will enable you to keep track of:

  • WordPress Core Updates
  • WordPress Plugin Updates
  • WordPress Theme Updates

The Updater has three separate blocks for managing themes, plugins, and wordpress core settings.

You can choose to update only individual plugins or themes or you can choose to update all of the installed themes and plugins. The Updater will also mark with different colors the importance of an update ( red to green)

Security Hardening

This function detects the hosting configuration security parameters.

Malware Removal Tool, Powerful & Easy To Use

The webdefender security scanner will not only help you find all of the viruses and malicious code on your website but we will also help you remove the malware easily. Our built-in file viewer and editor is an easy to use security cleaning tool for the removal of infected codes or its part depending on the type of infection. The cleaning process is fairly simple, but it requires some knowledge in coding.

Preparing you website for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

This extension for our security plugin helps the website owner or company data protection officer (DPO), Controller, data processor employees to fit the web application with the obligations and rights enacted under the GDPR requirement.

Professional Upgrade

Enhance the security of your website with our Professional upgrade. The Professional package will provide our clients with these additional features:

  1. FireWall:

    • Real-time firewall rules updates
    • Real-time IP Blacklists

  2. Hide Function:

    • new mask codes for updating the Hide function online

  3. Scanner:

    • Real-time malware signature updates
    • Scanner scheduler settings (Professional or Premium)

Premium Program

We also offer a professional webdefender key that will give you:

  • Scanner scheduler’s settings
  • Upgrade to Premium support
  • Database malware scan (webdefender exclusive function)
  • scanner report export function

A 100% protection – your website’s security in our hands. Our team will monitor your website online 24/7, in case of a hacker attack or malware injection, we will clean and repair you website.

You can click here to sign-up for WebDefender Professional or Premium now.

Cookies set by the Plugin and WordPress

This plugin keeps track of user consent by saving them to the database. We can only do that for logged in users. For visitors, however, we track their concent by creating a cookie and storing their preferences there. The same logic applies for cookies. We set a cookie named gdpr that stores that information.

wordpress also stores cookies on log in or commenting on a post. You can learn more about WordPress cookies here


Final Notes

WebDefender Security – Protection & AntiSpam WebDefender Security Dashboard Control Panel
WebDefender Security Dashboard Control Panel
WebDefender Security – Protection & AntiSpam WebDefender Security Scanner Page
WebDefender Security Scanner Page
WebDefender Security – Protection & AntiSpam Blacklist Monitoring (Web Trust Check)
Blacklist Monitoring (Web Trust Check)
WebDefender Security – Protection & AntiSpam Security Hardening Analytics & Recommendations
Security Hardening Analytics & Recommendations
WebDefender Security – Protection & AntiSpam Antivirus Scanner & Scheduler Settings Page
Antivirus Scanner & Scheduler Settings Page
WebDefender Security – Protection & AntiSpam GDPR Dashboard Control Panel
GDPR Dashboard Control Panel

WebDefender Security – Protection & AntiSpam Wordpress Plugin download

To install the plugin and get it working:

  1. Login into your WordPress administration panel
  2. Navigate to Plugins option in WordPress navigation menu, and select Add New
  3. Please type WebDefender in the Search Plugins box (or upload plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory)
  4. Select Install Now and than choose to Activate the plugin (or activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress)
  5. Navigate to WebDefender Security option in the navigation menu, and click Start Scan button
  6. During the registration, plugin securely sends the data to company’s server: name, email and website’s domain.

WebDefender Security – Protection & AntiSpam Wordpress Plugin download

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Download WebDefender Security – Protection & AntiSpam Wordpress plugin directly

Download WebDefender Security – Protection & AntiSpam from wordpress Plugin repostiory

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