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Backup & Restore Dropbox Wordpress Plugin Free download

  • Backup & Restore Dropbox Free download , Backup & Restore Dropbox Wordpress Plugin download , Backup & Restore Dropbox extension download for Wordpress
  • Minimum WordPress Version Required:
    Wordpress 3.9 or higher
  • WordPress version Compatible Upto
    WordPress 4.6.1
  • Active Installs
    Requires: 3.9 or higher Compatible up to: 4.6.1 Last Updated: 1 week ago
  • Plugin Total downloads:
    302.4K +
Backup & Restore Dropbox wordpress plugin Download

Backup & Restore Dropbox WordPress Plugin overview

Backup & Restore Dropbox Wordpress Plugin is used to Backup & Restore Dropbox Plugin to create Dropbox Full Backup (Files + Database) or Restore, Duplicate, Clone or Migrate of your Website.

Supports WordPress Backup and Restore to/from Local Storage or upload Backups to Dropbox.

If you do not understand something or you have a questions, please, make a support request first!

Features of website backup & website restore plugin:

  • Unlimited dropbox backups;
  • Unlimited dropbox restores;
  • Unlimited local backups;
  • Unlimited local restores;
  • Local Backup: create the Full Backup of Web Page (Files + Database) and store this at Local Storage of the Site;
  • Dropbox Backup: create the Full Backup (Files + Database) of Web Page at Local Storage and upload this to Dropbox;
  • Local Restore: restoration from Local backup at your website (web hosting);
  • Dropbox Restore: restoration from Dropbox backup;
  • Full control of included and excluded folders and files (can be found in "Settings");
  • You can create limited backup with database only (without files and/or folders). Just check "Settings" of backup plugin;
  • With "dropbox backup & restore" plugin you can backup and restore WooCommerce shop inkl. database with products;
  • Notification logging on screen and in file;
  • Use your own App key and App secret;
  • Supports backup on "Low Memory" Hosting or Server;
  • Possibility to make Dropbox backup and restore interface hidden with all listed backups (only Admins can access the backup plugin page);
  • Automatic database optimization before backup (can be switched in plugin settings);
  • Database or Table repair functionality before backup (coming soon);
  • Administrate ALL of Backups for ALL of your sites from one place - WPAdm-account (Account is FREE);

Account creation is optional, but we suggest to do this.Why create account?Your website can be down, not available or admin back-end can be without response. There are many reasons for this, for example:

  • Some plugin or some theme (template) has an error;
  • Plugin or theme (template) was installed incorrectly (wrong installation of WordPress plugins and WordPress themes);
  • Vulnerabilities of user files, WordPress files, WordPress plugin- and theme- files;
  • Websites Hacking (web page hacks), Websites Trojans etc.;
  • Server or hosting misconfiguration. For example: files and folder rights, like "owner" rights, "read", "write" and "execution" rights;
  • Web Server or web hosting misconfiguration, like wrong Apache or nginx configuration, mod_rewrite rules (rewriting rules) configuration;etc.

You can create your WPAdm account also for central Backup administration at WPAdm account is FULLY FREE.

PLEASE, READ CAREFULLY! If you like our plugin - please, make your own review. It will help us to develop and update website backup and website restore plugin for you!This is one of few WordPress backup plugins, who does a fully free support (plugin support!) for all of our users.Dropbox backup and restore plugin ask for FTP if your website (not this plugin!) have some troubles, in order that we could make support for you.Providing of these FTP DATA IS NOT OBLIGATORY, but if you do this, - our support staff will check your backup process and you will receive a feedback about results.It can take a while and some patience from you.We are not responsible for any 5??-errors! Such errors caused in most cases (99,9%) by your server/hosting. Where can I get my app key & secret? You can get an API app key and secret by creating an app on the app creation page. Once you have an app created, the app key and secret will be available on the app's page on the App Console. Note that Drop-ins have app keys but no app secrets. I clicked on the "Backup to Dropbox" button, but nothing happens. What's wrong? Before you try to make a backup of your website to dropbox, please make sure, that you have created the connection to dropbox. Also you must be sure, that you are connected to dropbox. To do this, please, open the "Settings" block in your "Dropbox backup and restore" plugin. There you must see your Dropbox UID (User ID on Dropbox). If you didn't see your Dropbox connection App UID - your Dropbox plugin is NOT CONNECTED to your Dropbox and you can't do the backup of your website. So please, at first connect yourself to Dropbox and then, try to make your backup to dropbox. How to restore my site from dropbox backup? First of all, install the Dropbox backup & restore plugin; In Dropbox backup & restore plugin check your connection to dropbox as "dropbox app" or as connection with using of app key & app secret from your dropbox account; My web page completely crashed and not available. How can I restore my web page from dropbox backup? Just login or Register at WPAdm If your web page wasn't added and verified - just do it. Add your domain and verified this on WPAdm account. You must see all of your backups, that you have made. Should I upgrade my old version of Dropbox Backup and Restore plugin? Yes. We recommended to update or upgrade to a newest versions. How do I do this: Dropbox Backup wasn't created. There is not enough script running time to perform backup operations, please increase the PHP variable max_execution_time. There are two ways to do it increase the PHP variable max_execution_time: If the above mentioned method does not work, or your web host does not allow you to do it, you can change "Waiting time (minutes)" in the "Settings" area where you initiate the backup. If you have access to your hosting / server dashboard, please, find PHP settings and add the following: max_execution_time = 90 (script running 90 seconds). If you have access to FTP settings, find FTP file, called php.ini and add there max_execution_time = 90 (script running 90 seconds). If 90 is not enough for your script running, write 120 and so forth. If you write down 0, you will have unlimited script running time. Some materials take a long time to process before being transmitted. If you can't find the php.ini file, then just try to create a new one in the root folder of your website. Add the setting described above to the created php.ini file. If the methods above doesn't work for you - try to set append variable at the end of index.php file in root folder of your website. ini_set('max_execution_time', '90'); You can also add the following code in .htaccess file: php_value max_execution_time 90 Check, if you have added this setting to the currently active php.ini file. You can change it, for example from 3 to 5 minutes. This setting must be set in seconds. I just download the dropbox full backup addon for my wordpress site. I've connected the dropbox addon (application) to my dropbox account and pushed the button "create dropbox backup". But after the finish of backup where can I find the backup files, so I be sure, that the backup was done? If you checked in the Setting of Dropbox plugin the checkbox "Leave local copy on my hosting", than you may to have two backups: - one WordPress backup, that was saved locally on hosting of your website, in folder '/wp-content/Dropbox_Backup//'; - the second WordPress backup, that was uploaded to your Dropbox account. You may to search for this uploaded backup on your Dropbox in of "WPAdm application" folder//; Note, if you don't checked the checkbox "Leave local copy on my hosting" in the Settings of your Dropbox plugin, than locall;

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