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Dropdown Menu Widget Wordpress Plugin Free download

  • Dropdown Menu Widget Free download , Dropdown Menu Widget Wordpress Plugin download , Dropdown Menu Widget extension download for Wordpress
  • Minimum WordPress Version Required:
    Wordpress 2.8 or higher
  • WordPress version Compatible Upto
    WordPress 4.0.13
  • Active Installs
    Requires: 2.8 or higher Compatible up to: 4.0.13 Last Updated: 2 years ago
  • Plugin Total downloads:
    427.8K +
Dropdown Menu Widget wordpress plugin Download

Dropdown Menu Widget WordPress Plugin overview

Dropdown Menu Widget Wordpress Plugin is used to Pages/Categories/Custom dropdown navigation menus with nice jQuery effects. Comes with various customizable CSS themes!.

Dropdown Menu widget adds a beautiful, CSS only dropdown menu, listing pages, categories of your blog. You can also turn your wordpress navigation menu into a beatiful dropdown menu using this plugin. It allows you to chose vertical or horizontal layout. It supports multiple instances. You can select a theme for your widget from the Dropdown Menu Settings page or you can CREATE YOUR OWN THEME WITHIN SAME PLUGIN!! You can also customize your dropdown menu using CSS. If you want a custom dropdown theme you can request one. Please visit plugin site for more information.

I don't have sidebar on my header, how can i add one? Adding a sidebar in wordpress is a quite easy task. You can read instructions here. If you don't want to add a sidebar consider using PHP template tag instead. I added this widget to my sidebar but it looks all weird! This widget is intented for wide header widget areas, not regular sidebars. You can add a sidebar to your theme or you can get a all-widget theme from shailan.com. If you don't want to add a sidebar, you can use php template tag instead. Read php template tag instructions here. Can i create my own theme? Since this plugin works on CSS, if you are capable of writing CSS, you can customize the theme as you like it. If you want full customization select None as your theme. I don't know CSS, how can i customize it? Plugin comes with various themes already installed. If you want something different, then you can request a new theme. I found a bug! Where do i submit it? You can submit errors and bugs using the online form on my site OR you can submit via wordpress support tags here.;

Dropdown Menu Widget Wordpress Plugin free download

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