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External "Video for Everybody" Wordpress Plugin Free download

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  • Minimum WordPress Version Required:
    Wordpress 2.8 or higher
  • WordPress version Compatible Upto
    WordPress 4.2.10
  • Active Installs
    Requires: 2.8 or higher Compatible up to: 4.2.10 Last Updated: 1 year ago
  • Plugin Total downloads:
    10.6K +
External "Video for Everybody" wordpress plugin Download

External "Video for Everybody" WordPress Plugin overview

External "Video for Everybody" Wordpress Plugin is used to Delivers ogg/theora (and optional webm) html5 video from an external storage location with fallbacks to flash, and links for download..

Important: This plugin is designed to operate on media files hosted outside your WordPress site. It does not integrate with the Media library, and it does not create the media files.

External "Video for Everybody" is a WordPress plugin that you can use to show videos on your WordPress site. You enter a simple shortcode on your page, and the plugin generates the HTML to deliver the media. Browsers that understand the HTML5 tag will display MPEG/H.264 (.mp4) files, VP8/webm (.webm), or Ogg/Theora (.ogv) files. Other browsers can use Flash to play the .mp4. In all cases, the markup includes links to download the media files. The HTML comes with only minor variations straight from the Video for Everybody model. See that site for fuller details.

Users can optionally use the VideoJS JavaScript library to outfit their videos with an attractive set of controls that includes a full screen option.

This plugin is not for everybody, even if the video tries to be. If I were not writing my own plugin, I would probably be using the Degradable HTML5 audio and video Plugin by Pavel Soukenik. My plugin uses and will follow the Video for Everybody approach. I also offer an options page where you can define site-wide default paths and dimensions. The defaults can be overridden in any particular shortcode, but if most of your video resides in the same place and has consistent dimensions, site-wide defaults keep the shortcodes simple. Soukenik's shortcodes give you more control over playback options.

Important: Most autobuffering problems have been settled, but preloading (autobuffering) preferences are supported unevenly in some older browers and versions of browsers. Depending on how many movies you serve on a single page, and on how large they are, autobuffering can significantly slow your clients' browsers, and it can also hit your bandwidth.

For a discussion of autobuffering in html5 see: http://daringfireball.net/2009/12/html5_video_unusable

Why this plugin? I have developed this plugin to provide an easy way to implement the "Video for Everybody" approach on a WordPress site. I also wanted a way to update the delivery for all of my video files. As I update the plugin, existing video will be served using the new code. Finally, I wanted to have a settings page so that I could spare myself the trouble of adding repetetive details to each video entry. Who is this plugin for? Ultimately it's for myself. I created the External "Video for Everybody" plugin to suit my own priorities, but I also tried to put it together in a way that would make it useful for and usable by others, and I am happy to share it. I host my video outside my WordPress site. I want to use HTML5, Ogg and Webm. So... External "Video for Everybody" Are you offering support for this plugin? No. How can I create the video files this plugin looks for? The Theora Cookbook has a lot of information on how to encode .ogv files. The Miro Video Converter is a handy free and opensource utility for this purpose. You might also be interested in trying a shell script I use to convert videos for myself. The shell script depends on your having certain command-line tools installed on your computer: ffmpeg and qtfaststart.py in particular.;

External "Video for Everybody" Wordpress Plugin free download

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