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  • Minimum WordPress Version Required:
    Wordpress 3.8 or higher
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Post Grid WordPress Plugin overview

Post Grid is extremely easy to create any post type grid and display anywhere post content, page content or widgets

via shortcodes or page builder ….

Almost everything is ready to create post grid from any post types, with few click you can generate beautiful grid for your blog post, product showcase, team member showcase, portfolio, gallery, archive post display, category post display, tags post display and custom taxonomy and terms post can be displayed via post grid. if you have basic knowledge in CSS you can style your own via layout editor to create unique style of your grid.

Post Grid by

Responsive Grid

Post Grid is responsive and almost work in any device. good things is you can set some option based on mobile or tablet

device. like you can set custom column number on mobile device.

Any Custom Post

Post grid is master of displaying grid from any custom post types. You will never ever worried about. you can also

select multiple post types to display on single post grid.

Taxonomy & Terms Support

Query post by custom taxonomy and terms is the most wanted feature already in post grid, you can select multiple taxonomy and terms for query post.

unlimited post grid

There is no limitation of creating post grid, you can create unlimited post grid on your website.

Skin & Layout Based

Post grid items based on skin and layout based, you can customize layout elements and change skin, if you have basic CSS

knowledge you can customize layout elements and apply your own style.

Pagination Support

Post Grid has pagination support, thats mean if you post grid has many post so user can go through each pagination to

see your post archive. you can limit the pagination item count and “Next” & “Previous” text as well, you can also use

icons instead of text for these.

search input field

you can display search input field at top of grid, so user can search though your grid and find their desired post.

Post Query Features

Post Grid has many support and input to display your desired post on the grid, you can customize

  • Post types,
  • Post categories, tags
  • Taxonomies & terms, taxonomy relation, terms relation,
  • post publish status,
  • Post order and
  • Order by, order by meta field value,
  • Custom number of posts per page, offset
  • Exclude post by ids
  • Include post by ids
  • Display post grid based on keyword search.
  • grid item width, you can set custom width for grid item based on mobile, tablet and desktop device. you can also set % based column, like 30% will gives you 3 column in each row.
  • grid item height – you can set custom height of grid item, based on device you can set auto height, fixed height or max height.
  • grid item background color.
  • grid item padding.
  • grid item margins.
  • lazy load – you can enable lazy load to hide grid on page load.
  • featured image custom size selection.
  • custom media source – there is 3 different source available in free version. Featured Image, First images from content, Empty thumbnail
  • Masonry style grid also available.

Premium features

View Type

  • Filterable
  • Glossary
  • Carousel Slider
  • Collapsible

Post grid for Archives

  • category.php
  • tags.php
  • search.php
  • author.php
  • Custom taxonomy & terms page

Advance Pagination types

  • Ajax Pagination
  • Next-Previous
  • Filterable pagination
  • Ajax Load More

Advance Media Sources

  • First youtube video from content
  • Custom youtube video
  • First vimeo video from content
  • Custom vimeo video
  • First dailymotion video from content
  • Custom dailymotion video
  • First MP3 from content
  • Custom MP3
  • First SoundCloud from content
  • Custom SoundCloud
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Font Awesome
  • Custom Video

Filterable Features

  • Display navs by taxonomies & terms or Custom filters.
  • navs style – font size, Font color, Background color, Margin, display post count.
  • Navs view style – Inline, Dropdown, Radio, Checkbox.
  • Custom text for All navs.
  • Custom default active filter
  • Single or group filter navs.
  • Sorting filter

Advance Query

  • Meta query – Single field and multiple field query
  • Extra query parameter – you can provide your own query parameter like post__in=1,2,3&post__not_in=1,2,3
  • Permission parameters – Show posts if user has the appropriate capability
  • Sticky post query – Include sticky post or Exclude sticky post
  • Date parameters – by Exact date, Between two date.
  • author parameters – include authors by ids, Exclude authors by ids.
  • password parameters – display only password protected posts, Display only posts without passwords, Display only posts with and without passwords, Posts with particular password.

3rd party plugins support


WooCommerce is #1 ecommerce plugin for WordPress and we provide full support to display following elements for products on the post grid.

Add to cart | Full price | Sale price | Regular price | Star rating | Text rating | Product categories | Product tags | Product gallery | Product SKU

Easy Digital Download

Easy Digital Download is another best ecommerce for digital products and we provide full support to display following elements for downloads on the post grid.

Price | Variable prices | Sales stats | Earnings stats | Add to cart | Text rating | download categories | download tags

Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields is #1 custom field’s plugin for WordPress and we added full support to display following meta fields for any post types.

Text | Textarea | Number | Range | Email | URL | Password | Link | Post object | Page link | Taxonomy | User | Relationship | Image | File | Wysiwyg | oEmbed | Select | Checkbox | Radio | Button group | True / False | Date picker | Time picker | Datetime picker | Google Map


CMB2 is another best custom field’s plugin for WordPress and we added full support to display following meta fields for any post types.

Text | Email | URL | Money | Textarea | Select | Checkbox | Radio | Link | File | Wysiwyg | oEmbed

Custom Field Suite

Custom Field Suite is another best custom field’s plugin for WordPress and we added full support to display following meta fields for any post types.

Text | Textarea | Link | Taxonomy | User | Relationship | File | Wysiwyg | Select | True / False | Date picker

The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar is #1 event’s manager plugin for WordPress and we added full support to display following elements for event post type

Event categories | Event tags | event start date | event end date | Event URL | Event cost | Venue address | Venue city | Venue country | Venue province | Venue zip | Venue phone | Venue URL | Venue Map | Organizer Phone | Organizer Website | Organizer Email

Events Manager

Events Manager is another best event’s manager plugin for WordPress and we added full support to display following elements for event post type

Event categories | Event tags | Event start date | Event end date | event start time | event end time | Event spaces | Max Spaces | Cut-Off Date | Cut-Off time

Video Tutorial(with premium version interface)

Post Grid screenshot-1
Post Grid screenshot-3
Post Grid screenshot-4
Post Grid screenshot-5
Post Grid screenshot-6

Post Grid Wordpress Plugin download

  1. Install as regular WordPress plugin.
  2. Go your plugin setting via WordPress Dashboard and find “Post Grid” activate it.

After activate plugin you will see “Post Grid” menu at left side on WordPress dashboard click “New Post Grid” and use the options field “Post Grid”

How to use on page or post
When Post Grid options setup done please publish Post Grid as like post or page

and then copy shortcode from top of Post Grid Options [post_grid id="1234" ]

then paste this shortcode anywhere in your page to display grid

Post Grid Wordpress Plugin download

Here is the Post Grid wordpress plugin download link you can download and install to your Wordpress Website.

Download Post Grid Wordpress plugin directly

Download Post Grid from wordpress Plugin repostiory

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