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Social ToolbarWordpress Plugin Free download

  • PHP Version Required
  • Minimum WordPress Version Required:
    Wordpress 3.3 or higher
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Social Toolbar WordPress Plugin overview

Plugin for adding a highly customizable toolbar with color selection, social network icons, recent tweet and share buttons into footer..

  • Now updated with a full web-based, management and customization engine!
  • add social power to your Website
  • Increase engagement, sharing and relationship building for your website and brand.
  • Integrate all of your social content and community into one cohesive experience.

More Info and Demo’s

What Inside?


Social Toolbar adds social power to any website or blog, by integrating the most popular social networking properties into one, powerful toolbar.


We designed our Social Toolbar to look awesome right out of the box with a clean, sleek and minimal design. It is also be completely customizable to match your site’s branding.

mobile responsive

Our new social toolbar is now fully responsive within small-screen mobile environments, and you have the option of allowing or not allowing a display of the Social ToolBar when your site is rendered on a mobile device.


Social Toolbar includes major Social Networking site icons such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more. While our FREE version has a limited amount of icons available, the PRO version has 70+ icons to choose from.

More Info and Demo’s


Social Toolbar Brand your website
Brand your website
Social Toolbar Make it all 1 color
Make it all 1 color
Social Toolbar IBM uses it!
IBM uses it!
Social Toolbar Put Toolbar at top of your site
Put Toolbar at top of your site
Social Toolbar iPad responsive
iPad responsive
Social Toolbar RSS Feed
RSS Feed
Social Toolbar Custom Message Feed
Custom Message Feed
Social Toolbar Recent Tweet Feed
Recent Tweet Feed
Social Toolbar Mobile Responsive
Mobile Responsive
Social Toolbar General Settings
General Settings
Social Toolbar Customize Settings
Customize Settings
Social Toolbar Share Button Settings
Share Button Settings
Social Toolbar Feed Settings
Feed Settings
Social Toolbar Installation Options
Installation Options

Social Toolbar Wordpress Plugin download

  1. Download Plugin
  2. Upload the ‘social-toolbar’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  3. Sign-up for an account at You can either pick from a free or premium account.
  4. Within the Installation section of the Dashboard, you can access your Activation code. Then within your WordPress Admin, you can enter in your Activation code within the SocialTools section.

More Info and Demo’s

Social Toolbar Wordpress Plugin download

Here is the Social Toolbar wordpress plugin download link you can download and install to your Wordpress Website.

Download Social Toolbar Wordpress plugin directly

Download Social Toolbar from wordpress Plugin repostiory

Social Toolbar Wordpress Plugin Old Versions

Social Toolbar 3.2 Free Download

Social Toolbar 3.1 Free Download

Social Toolbar 3.0 Free Download

Social Toolbar 2.5 Free Download

Social Toolbar 2.4 Free Download

Social Toolbar 2.3 Free Download

Social Toolbar 2.2 Free Download

Social Toolbar 2.1 Free Download

Social Toolbar 2.0 Free Download

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