Browser Menu Wodpress Plugins

Total browser menu plugins - 50
Browser Update Ribbon Wordpress Plugin Puts a ribbon on the website if the user browser is older than expected.
Total Downloads: 6.6KDownload Plugin
Hide/Unhide Menu for Guest/Member Wordpress Plugin Hide/Unhide Menu for Guest/Member is a simple plugin that you can easily manage to hide or unhide menu for guest and member via css.
Total Downloads: 4KDownload Plugin
LR Responsive Slide Menu Wordpress Plugin This plugin adds Responsive Mobile Menu functionality to WordPress.
Total Downloads: 506Download Plugin
3D Menu Awesome by Themes Awesome Wordpress Plugin 3D Menu Awesome is an awesome plugin that helps You to create a WordPress menu interface element into your WordPress site with custom layouts and effe …
Total Downloads: 769Download Plugin
Fullscreen Menu Awesome by Themes Awesome Wordpress Plugin Fullscreen Menu Awesome is a WordPress plugin that makes menus on your website more beautiful and stunning in fullscreen display very easily and quick …
Total Downloads: 367Download Plugin
s2member Secure File Browser Wordpress Plugin The best way to share files securely with your clients, customers, friends and community.
Total Downloads: 14.2KDownload Plugin
Third Light Browser Wordpress Plugin The Third Light Plugin for WordPress integrates your existing Third Light server with WordPress, allowing you to browse, crop and use images from your …
Total Downloads: 1.3KDownload Plugin
Flyout Menu Awesome by Themes Awesome Wordpress Plugin Flyout Menu Awesome is an awesome plugin that helps You to create a WordPress menu interface element into your WordPress site with custom layouts and …
Total Downloads: 443Download Plugin
Ultra Menu Remove Wordpress Plugin Ultra Menu Remove – It able to remove menu page . It's access to permit who is administator.
Total Downloads: 536Download Plugin
Protect Website Content Wordpress Plugin A simple toolkit to disable all the methods that can enter the developer tools to prevent code handling through the developer tools.
Total Downloads: 298Download Plugin
WPDevDesign – Oxygen – Browser Detect Wordpress Plugin Adds "Browser" condition in Oxygen for conditional output of elements in the selected browser(s).
Total Downloads: 871Download Plugin
css-mega-menu-wordpress-plugin Wordpress Plugin This CSS3 Mega Menu Wordpress Plugin will help you to create easily your own “Mega Menus” with Wordpress. It doesn’t use any javascript and relies only on CSS . You can add multiple Mega Menus to your Wordpress pages and still be able to style each menu differently. Adding a menu to your Wordpress site can be done by either using the built-in functions directly in your theme files or by using the Mega Menu Widget and adding them to the preedefined widgetized areas. The content can be organized into 6 columns based on the 960 grid system. This item comes with 9 color variants and 2 drop down themes (light and dark) with a documentation to help you to start quickly. The shortcodes included will help you to create lists, style images and organize your content easily. Features 9 Color Schemes 2 Drop Down Themes (Light and Dark) Full Width variant Wordpress Shortcodes Mega Menu Widget included Mega Menu template function included Easy to customize Valid XHTML /CSS3 markup Cross Browser Support Up to 6 columns Typography examples Left or right alignment Help documentation Compatible Browsers This menu has been tested (and works !) in all the following browsers : Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 and 9 Firefox 2, 3, 3.5, 3.6 and 4 Safari 4 and 5 Opera 10 and 11 Chrome 4 to 11
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
SVG Menu Wordpress Plugin SVG menu allows you to show animated menu for your site.
Total Downloads: 3.3KDownload Plugin
New Relic Browser by rtCamp Wordpress Plugin This plugin instantly adds free New Relic Browser monitoring to your website.
Total Downloads: 9.3KDownload Plugin
Vertical Image Menu Wordpress Plugin This wordpress plugin provides a shortcode to add a vertical scrolling image or icon menu.
Total Downloads: 7KDownload Plugin
Fixed Circular Navigation Menu Wordpress Plugin Fixed fancy navigation, perfect as an extra or mobile auxiliar menu. Circular shaped with a modern look that opens when menu button is clicked
Total Downloads: 8.8KDownload Plugin
WP Outdated Browser Wordpress Plugin Show a message if the user using a outdated browser.
Total Downloads: 7.5KDownload Plugin
Add Browser Search Wordpress Plugin Add Wordpress standard search address into the browser menu, follow standard.
Total Downloads: 2KDownload Plugin
WP Browser Compatibility Checker Wordpress Plugin Provides WordPress with a minimum browser compatibility setting. If the end user is not using a compatible browser they are warned.
Total Downloads: 1.1KDownload Plugin
Online Help Sliding Menu Wordpress Plugin Use a widget to transform a normal sidebar menu (custom menu or pages list) into a responsive online help style sliding menu with the possibility of a …
Total Downloads: 578Download Plugin
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