Editor Wodpress Plugins

Total editor plugins - 50
tinyWYM Editor Wordpress Plugin Convert WordPress's WYSIWYG editor into a WYSIWYM editor. Add and edit any HTML tag and attribute from the visual editor.
Total Downloads: 65.4KDownload Plugin
iThoughts Advanced Code Editor Wordpress Plugin Integrate the Code Editor Ace into your WordPress editors to help you write efficient code! Now provides code checking for your PHP files!
Total Downloads: 3.7KDownload Plugin
Better File Editor Wordpress Plugin Adds line numbers, syntax highlighting, code folding, and lots more to the theme and plugin editors in the admin panel.
Total Downloads: 38.6KDownload Plugin
HTML Post Editor Wordpress Plugin Adds HTML tab to the post editor which shows the raw source of the page and is highlighted with the Ace Editor
Total Downloads: 13.9KDownload Plugin
synchi Wordpress Plugin A full IDE inside your WordPress! Powerful IDE features in WP plugin editor, themes editor, articles HTML editor and text/HTML widgets editor.
Total Downloads: 0Download Plugin
TinyMCE Code Element Wordpress Plugin Add button for code element to the editor.
Total Downloads: 2.6KDownload Plugin
Editor Color on Word Count Wordpress Plugin Post or page content editor on dashboard changes color based on number of words as you write
Total Downloads: 4.5KDownload Plugin
f(x) Editor Wordpress Plugin Power-up Your WordPress Visual Editor with Boxes, Buttons, Columns, and more...
Total Downloads: 14.6KDownload Plugin
WP-DB-Table-Editor Wordpress Plugin This is a Wordpress plugin that allows direct excel-like editing of
Total Downloads: 50.6KDownload Plugin
Simple CSS Wordpress Plugin Add CSS to your website through an admin editor, the Customizer or a metabox for page/post specific CSS.
Total Downloads: 461.1KDownload Plugin
Visual Term Description Editor Wordpress Plugin Replaces the plain-text category and tag description editor with a visual editor.
Total Downloads: 72.9KDownload Plugin
Advanced Editor Tools (previously TinyMCE Advanced) Wordpress Plugin Extends and enhances the block editor (Gutenberg) and the classic editor (TinyMCE).
Total Downloads: 30.4MDownload Plugin
HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter Wordpress Plugin Add syntax highlighting to WordPress code editors using CodeMirror.js
Total Downloads: 517KDownload Plugin
Microthemer Lite – Visual Editor to Customize CSS Wordpress Plugin A visual editor to customize the CSS styling of anything on your site - from google fonts to responsive layouts.
Total Downloads: 1.8MDownload Plugin
Ace Edit Wordpress Plugin Add syntax highlighting and more to the theme and plugin editor.
Total Downloads: 6.7KDownload Plugin
Codecogs Latex Equation Editor Wordpress Plugin Adds codecogs WYSIWYG LaTex equation popup editor to wordrpess TinyMCE editor.
Total Downloads: 8.1KDownload Plugin
Post Snippets Wordpress Plugin Create custom shortcodes and reusable content and insert them in into your posts and pages.
Total Downloads: 564.7KDownload Plugin
VINUBIS Video Editor Wordpress Plugin Make your videos look professional! Use pre-built video styles / video themes to get ready in minutes. Even get your custom template if you like.
Total Downloads: 3.3KDownload Plugin
Visual Editor Custom Buttons Wordpress Plugin Visual Editor Custom Buttons lets you add custom buttons to the Wordpress Visual Editor.
Total Downloads: 134.8KDownload Plugin
Cleaner WordPress Editor Wordpress Plugin This plugin makes wordpress posting/editing a less strainful experience. It weeds out all the junk in the post editor window so that its easier to con …
Total Downloads: 4.5KDownload Plugin
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